We must sustain democracy we fought for – Uba Sani

AREWA AGENDA – Senator Uba Sani representing Kaduna Central Senatorial District, has said that Nigeria’s democratic journey has been tortuous and therefore, must be protected.

The Senator, while congratulating Nigerians on this year’s Democracy Day, recalled that many people laid down their lives to ensure the nation tows the democratic path.

“Our nation still boasts of patriotic watchdogs holding leaders accountable and working assiduously to strengthen our democracy.

“We remember today, dogged and committed fighters for democracy, fundamental rights and freedoms like my mentor, late Chief Gani Fawehinmi, SAN, GCON, Chief MKO Abiola , GCFR, Dr Beko Ransome Kuti and Chima Ubani.

“They fought relentlessly against military authoritarianism. They led civil society activists and other patriots to expand the democratic space and renew the hope of the citizenry in a progressive and peaceful Nigeria. They gave up their comfort and freedom so that we can be free. We owe them and other patriots a debt of gratitude,” he said.

He urged leaders to reflect and ask themselves some critical questions involving their roles in ensuring that Nigeria’s democracy grows and is strengthened.

“Have we been meeting the expectations of our people? Are the challenges we are facing as a nation related to our inability to make democracy meaningful or beneficial to our people?” he asked.

He said if leaders are able to sincerely and objectively answer these questions, it will help them to recommit to the welfare and security of Nigerian people.

Observing that the country is bleeding, Uba Sani called on patriots to come together to chart the path to peace and progress.

“We must support our dear President so that he can steady the ship of state. We must prioritize the welfare of our youths. Their empowerment is critical to the sustenance of our democracy and the security of our country. If the youths are properly engaged and empowered, they will defend this country and its democracy against retrogressive elements,” he said.

By Ibrahim Wuyo

Arewa Agenda is a publication of young writers and journalists from Northern Nigeria geared towards peaceful coexistence and national development through positive narratives.



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