How Passengers Overpowered Bandits, Seized Two AK-47 Riffles in Zamfara

How Passengers Overpowered Bandits, Seized Two AK-47 Riffles in Zamfara

In a display of remarkable courage, passengers in Zamfara thwarted a bandit attack, resulting in the death of one assailant and the confiscation of two AK-47 rifles.

According to a report from PR, the incident unfolded when the family of the bride-to-be and other travellers were ambushed by bandits along the Talata Mafara-Gusau highway.

The bride’s family had embarked on a journey to purchase clothing and other wedding materials in Kano. However, their plans took a harrowing turn when armed bandits targeted them.

An eyewitness, who spoke to PRNigeria, revealed that the response was spontaneous once the bandits had selected their victims.

Despite one of the bandits managing to escape, the brave passengers captured two AK-47 rifles.

Narrating how the events unfolded, the eyewitness said: “A few kilometres away from the Fangal Tama checkpoint, the travellers heard gunshots echoing all around.

‘’To their shock, they encountered two well-armed bandits on motorcycles, blocking the road and halting vehicles.

“The bandits immediately ordered the young woman (the bride-to-be), her father, mother, and two other relatives to exit their car.

‘’With guns pointed at them, the terrified family members were coerced to follow the bandits into the nearby forest.

“Realising the grave danger they faced in forced abduction, the passengers decided to act swiftly. They rallied together and launched an attack on one of the two bandits.

‘’In a fierce struggle, they managed to overpower him, resulting in his instant death. The other bandit, however, escaped, leaving behind his firearm.

“The courageous group retrieved the two guns and emerged from the forest. They promptly handed the weapons over to the military at a nearby checkpoint.’’

PRNigeria further gathered that amidst the courageous effort of the group, one of the passengers suffered a sudden heart attack due to the traumatic experience and later died in hospital.