Kwarans: Where Is Alajagusi?

Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi

AREWA AGENDA – The people who shouted madly, holding the placard with an image of Alhaji Yekeen Alajagusi — bawled in furious gleaming days. “Alajagusi ni ooo! ” before his victorious election in 2019, they wouldn’t have promptly forgotten or overpass their thought to ask his whereabout — after they’d collected the bones from him while he’s enjoying the meat. The toothless women, blindly old men and youths that grabbed voters’ card to vote him in shouldn’t enclasp this matter with deaf ear. I’m referring to the man who usually spent his days at ‘Harmony FM’ before 2019 election: Hon. Abdulyakeen Alajagusi, representing Ilorin West/ Asa federal constituency.

Some months back, the kwara state governor celebrated his 365days in office. Kwarans, on social media, spelled either of his aptly optimism and pessimism achievements. But, do you believe that the person that’s voted as a representative of Ilorin West/ Asa hasn’t been actively listening to those who he’s representing whether they felt the changes or not? Nobody knows, conceivably, some lettered humanities knew the role which bestowed on him being the representative of his constituency. Consequently, he’s been hiding with his bogus promises.

I googled his name, and I was surprised by the result that appeared on my screen, showing his first empowerment as 1kg of rice which its sack appeared with ‘Ounje Pàjàwírí’ disbursed to the less privileged people from his constituency because of the pandemic anger-virus. It’s no more news that he’s been sick. I couldn’t believe how ótógé warriors allowed him despite his health status.

Some bloggers, after recently published opinions were panned against him, obfuscating how he’s been addressing his constituency while his people are tagging it fictitious fallacy. The promises that he made shouldn’t go watery. Even if it can’t be fulfilled, make it known in public, you can as well mimic Sen. Oloriegbe: “People shouldn’t be expecting me to bring jobs from federal level,” said Sen. Oloriegbe at Kwara state 2020 Youths Symposium. Hence, we want you to address the people you’re representing and Kwarans in its entirety. Atleast, if you can’t afford more than 1kg of ’emergency food’ anymore, talk to us virtually.

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