Kano Girl Professes Love for Gov Ganduje, Rejects Young Suitors

Kano Girl Professes Love for Gov Ganduje, Rejects Young Suitors

A spinstress, Nana Adam popularly known as mai muryar madara (the milk voice), in Janbulo Area of Kano State has confessed that she is head over heels in love with Kano State Governor Abudullahi Umar Ganduje and could no longer keep it to herself but declare it publicly.

Arewa Agenda gathered that Nana, a beautiful young widow who has now been nicknamed “ta Ganduje (Ganduje’s bride),” has rejected several suitors insisting that her heart belongs only to the Governor.

“There is no one I love in this whole wide world like him right now,” she told a local radio station based in the state.

She said her heart has been yearning for the Governor Ganduje for a very long while, to the extent that she became a laughingstock in her household and has now turned to an object of pity among family and friends due to the feelings she nurses for the governor which she, against all odds, have refused to let go.

“I love him sincerely from the bottom of my heart, right from when I have been hiding it until it became obvious, my heart throbs for him and I have been looking for ways to let him know how much I feel about him, I love him dearly and its not a joke,” she said.

Hajiya Maimuna Abubakar, Nana’s guardian who confirmed this, said they initially took Nana unserious, but as time went on it became more and more obvious so we had to just appreciate her feelings.

“She has been telling us this for long and we thought it was all a huge joke, in fact we now call her ta ganduje…she had gone to Umrah (lesser Hajj) and returned still insisting on Ganduje. She has rejected all the suitors seeking her hand in marriage because of this. I hope someone will help link her up to him,” she said.

An Islamic scholar, Sheikh Abdulsalam Abubakar Baba Gwale, has said that it is not Islamically prohibited for woman to seek a man in marriage.

“If you remember during the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), a lady came to him asking him to marry her, because he was not interested, he looked the other way without giving her a direct response, a companion who was there expressed interest and the union was blessed with verses from the holy Qur’an has dowry,” he explained to buttress his point.


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