Yahaya Bello And EFCC Debacles: A Case Of Ethnic Struggle In Kogi State



BY K S S Enebe


The ongoing shameful display by EFCC, a constituted authority which is expected to be fair and always go to equity with clean hands by respecting the law of the land is sometimes seen not only over acting but allowed itself to be misled into aiding and abetting like in this current case of gross witch hunting of former governor, H.E, Yahaya Bello of kogi state which is an ethnic baseline struggle in the state. For the purposes of public enlightenment.


Kogi state is 33 years old of creation, the Igala ethnic tribe of kogi East has governed for 21 years and military administration in-between until 2016 when H. E, Yahaya Bello from the Egbira ethnic tribe became governor by divine circumstances who completed his two terms of 8 years rule amid political, spiritual, propaganda, lies, blackmail and affronts by the Igalas but God saw governor Yahaya Bello through and he was succeeded by Alh. Usman Ahmed Ododo from the Egbira ethnic tribe in the 11th November, 2023 state election under APC Party.


2. The opposition SDP governorship candidate, Murtala Ajaka not forgetting he failed to get the APC governorship primaries ticket, from the Igala ethnic tribe has gone to court to challenge the victory of Alh. Usman Ahmed Ododo and APC which is presently at the tribunal level and seeing that the outcome of the case may not favor them hence the SDP leading councel Mr. J.S Okutekpa SAN made attempts to smuggle in the case of the same money laundry against H.E Yahaya Bello whom the Igalas sees as a strongest interested party in the court proceedings but the trial tribunal court judge who was not in court to give Bonanza declined the unrelated so-called money laundry allegations. It’s also on record that the SDP went up to the supreme Court for a judgement to allow them recount the vote cast in the five LGAs of kogi central but when it was mentioned that the votes cast from kogi East be equally counted, the leading counsel Mr.J S Okutekpa to SDP/Muri Ajaka blatantly objected not to recount that of kogi East votes cast upon which the presiding judge placed a #500,000 fine which he paid for his unruly ethnic bigotry at the expense of the professional ethics.

An Igala ethnic tribe Lawyer J S Okutekpa (SAN) who is currently the lead councel to the SDP governorship candidate, Muri Ajaka has been jumping from pillar to pillar at the expense of his ethical legal profession for ethnic bigotry who engages in provocative, inciting and divisive outrage*


EFCC is blindfolded to be acting an ethnic scripts whereas there was a competent high court judgement restraining EFCC from arresting, arraigning or prosecuting the former governor Yahaya Bello following which the EFCC challenged at appeal court that also put all EFCC action on hold pending the hearing which was fixed for 22nd April,2024 being Monday after it would have become an offense if the former governor failed to comply with the court decisions. The question here is who is disobeying the rule of law and why the EFCC so eager to harass and embarrass the immediate past governor of kogi state against the rule of law as a constituted authority who has not only disobeyed the law by forcing themselves around his resident on the 17th April 2024 to force the former governor Yahaya Bello to do same for reasons yet to be exposed*.


K S S EnebeThe trumped allegation of money laundry #80.4b against H.E Yahaya Bello happened in 2015 when PDP governor, Capt. Wada Idris from Igala ethnic tribe was still in the office before the governor H.E, Alh. Dr. Yahaya Adoza Bello was swon in on the 27th February, 2016 and the kogi state has repeatedly declared that they never complain of missing such money from the state purse; the question again here is in whose interest and what does the EFCC want to achieve with their shady operations against the former governor Yahaya Bello and kogi state as a whole*?


*6. It has become a known fact that the Igala ethnic tribe in kogi state has evil plots up their sleeves to ensure power returns to them in the state at the expense of the Egbira of kogi central and Okun/Lokoja/koto karfi of kogi west senatorial district in the ongoing governorship election challenge in the court by using both internal and external influence to their favour among whom are one of the Supreme Court judge Mr. Stephen Ada (SAN) an Igala by ethnic tribe, Mr. Nuhu Ribadu- National Security Adviser NSA to the president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is an inlaw to the SDP, candidate, Muri Ajaka and more to be revealed*.


*7. It is worthy to remind the public that for the 21 years that the Igala ethnic tribe ruled kogi state they enjoyed absolute cooperation of the Egbira of kogi central and Okun of kogi west even when the two senatorial districts agitated for power rotation it was done within the confinement of law, Civility and order without ethnic supremacy mentality.*


*8. With the trend of events unfolding about kogi both at state and Federal level, it is timely very important to appeal to the President of Republic of Nigeria, H.E, Bola Ahmed Tinubu GCFR to reconsider the ongoing actions in kogi state which is beyond politicking among the three dominant ethnic tribes and senatorial districts. The same appeal goes to all the external interests/influence in the kogi affairs and politics to act with caution not to be misled by one sided lies, propaganda, blackmail and the highest bidder mentality that will cause supreme damages to the peaceful coexisting and throw the state into ethnic crises that will not do the country any good as far as kogi state is one of the constitutional constituents of Nigeria*.

According to General Omar N Bradley Of U.S Army 1893-81 said “WAR CAN BE PREVENTED JUST AS SURELY AS THEY CAN BE PROVOKED….And we who fail to Prevent Them Must Share The Guilt For The Dead”….



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