Why Tinubu Must Get Muslim as VP? By Abdulganiyy Sahid Olaide

Why Tinubu Must Get Muslim as VP?
By Abdulganiyy Sahid Olaide

AREWA AGENDA – Everybody in Yorubaland today knows that if we are talking of Conscious Muslims among the leading Politicians that we have currently, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s name will not be mentioned among the first 20.

Reason is: he is not a religious person. As a Governor in Lagos, he favoured Christians more than Muslims. He didn’t do that because of religion, but because he doesn’t have that religion bigotry that can influence decisions.

We, the Muslims of the Southwest, know this very well; yet we are not bothered because his performance as a governor is still a reference point in governance in Nigeria today. So we, the Muslims, are not crying over the domination of his government by Christians when he was the Governor in Lagos.

But now that Christians are taking up the battle against him and us, let me begin by waking the Muslims with the fact that if Asiwaju Tinubu today contests any election in his parlour on religious basis, he will not win. Ask me why?

His wife Oluremi Tinubu is a Christian; not Just an ordinary one, but a Redeemed Christian who is said to have been an ordained Pastor. All her Children from Seyi & others are Christians. So tell me if elections, on religious grounds, are to be conducted in Asiwaju’s sitting room in Bourdillion today, who will vote for him?

Yet these people are here shouting Muslim/Muslim ticket as if Aso Rock is a shrine to commune with deities. Who doesn’t know that wives and Children can influence many decisions of a home?

The very typical example is how Aishat Buhari influenced Baba’s decisions in the just concluded Presidential primaries despite the squad of Cabals’ plots against her yet she outsmarted them.

So these people think we Muslims don’t know all their antics? Na lie It is Muslim/Muslim and your wailing cannot cajole into a ditch simple?

In Yorubaland today, We have Six Governors

Of all these six Governors, only Osun State Governor is a Muslim. Out of the remaining five, none of them has a Muslim wife. Is that accidental. No? They’re not even tolerant enough to allow even their driver to be a Muslim not to talk of the one that will be going to the mosque. We know that.

Muslims have tolerated these religiously intolerant fellows for long. It’s high time we exposed the gimmicks and let everyone know his position.

Governor Isiaka Ajimobi (may Allah forgive him and have mercy on his soul) had a Christian wife, Florence. No Muslim cried foul?

Governor Ibikunle Amosun had a Christian wife, though now reverted. No one wailed among the Muslim community.

Governor Fasola has a Catholic Christian as a wife no one cries foul; No wonder Muslim children cannot use hijab in public school in Lagos despite valid, subsisting, but toothless judgment till today. Yet we Muslims are keeping silent.

Can the Christian today tolerate what we Muslims are tolerating in term of the devilish religious subjugation in the South-West? Yet these people are still not satisfied.

Ekiti, Ondo, and Edo states have larger percentages of Muslim population, at least up to 25/30 percent yet it has been perpetual Chrisitian /Chrisitian ticket since 1999. No one sees it as abnormal, even including some Muslims who are afraid to criticise this in the public for fear of Christian deprivation in terms of opportunities which these Christians unduly enjoy to the detriment of the oppressed Muslims.

We that are supporting Asiwaju Tinubu are supporting him not just on religious basis but because of his charisma and antecedents in State governance, even those things he did to the detriment of the Muslims, obviously because he wanted to excessively pacify the oppressive Christian regimes in the South. No more, no less. If it’s about religion, we know who we are supposed to present to tackle their demonic crusader agenda, but just because it’s not time yet In shaa Allah.

We know very well ‘ASIWAJU TINUBU ‘ is an OLOBEEYO type of Muslim (Draw soup type of Muslim) That is why we can’t allow and sit down and trade VP to another pastor who will be taking our trader money to his church camp and who will give all suitable positions to his church pastor members. If you don’t get my point, search for Farooq Kperogi’s RCCGisation of governance in Nigeria online. Very loaded.

What we know very well is that Asiwaju does not belong to any Islamic organisation, be it Ansardeen, Nawardeen, Nasfat etc. He is just a Muslim, unlike his wife whose religious spiritual father is Pastor Enoch Adeboye, general overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God. So Muslims must rise up and not allow any parochial religious fanatics to cajole us that Muslim /Muslim ticket cannot work.

If Asiwaju with his tolerance as non-divisive Muslim can still be discriminated against by Nigerian Christians now, our Christian brothers must check themselves and stop drawing the wheels of governance in Nigeria backward because of their intolerance and blind fanaticism shrouded in cash and carry business garment.

Please, dear Muslims, go collect your PVC and vote.

Mallam Abdulganiyy Sahid Olaide Ezra

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