Re-Why the North is Failing

By Bello Ado Hussaini

AREWA AGENDA – My elder brother Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed has raised this question and tried to solve the much complicated puzzles.

It is complicated not because of anything, but because we choose to be blind to our objective realities.

Instead we choose to always hammer on illusionary conspiracy theories and aspiring to the notion that only perennial issues like the price of refine Petroleum products, lack of efficient energy system or electricity tariffs, free education, as well as the stupid question of rotational leadership between North and South are the bane of our underdevelopment.

The North is failing because we couldn’t get our acts right.

Our general attitude to life is retroactive and destructive.

Our politics is retrogressive and devoid of any meaningful ideology.

Our political and opinion leaders are out of touch with reality of our society.

Our professionals are mostly quacks with useless certificates, relying and promoting primitive and colonial socioeconomic ideals.

Our best minds are either alienated, sideline or frustrated.

Above all our governor’s failed to understand that a poverty stricken society cannot achieve anything even if Cambridge and Oxford universities are in our villages to provide free education.

The alternative is that we must empower our people economically, we must create an inclusive economic system where all are free to participate and explore their God given potentials.

No amount of railway lines, refurbished Airports, or crazy go to farm policies will change our situation, if starting a small business and raising it to profitability is tantamount to climbing Mount Everest.

Small businesses not corporations, Agri-processing not cultivation are the pillars of any growing economy.

As our country clock 60 of it’s so called independent age tommorow, I expect young people particularly, to take responsibility of their lives, drive their own agenda, own their thinking and direction as well as learning from their mistake, that someone else not themselves knows the right way.

Let us set the narratives right and stop lamenting.

Bello Ado Hussaini writes from Kano Nigeria

Arewa Agenda is a Publication of young writers from Northern Nigeria towards Peaceful Coexistence and National Development through positive narratives


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