Why I Sang a Song on Rape – Sadiq Zazzabi

AREWA AGENDA – Famous Hausa inspirational singer Saddiq Usman Saleh popularly known as Sadiq Zazzabi has revealed that the recent increase in the rate of sexual abuse in the country had made him sing a song on rape.

He said the situation is so alarming and requires drastic measures to be taken by authorities and the general public in addressing the increasing menace.

Sadiq Zazzabi who became popular with his hit song ‘Ýanzu Abuja tayi Tsaf’ was born on the 5th of January 1970 and had received various award within and outside Kano state, he was also a recipient of first position award at Ga fili ga mai doki organized by Bayero University Kano in collaboration with Kano state Censor Board among other awards.

The singer said, the fight against rape is a task before every right thinking individual in the society because the menace affects everybody. He added that, there is a need for authorities concern to clearly have a more defined stiffer penalty for anyone found guilty of rape.

“People are so concerned at the rate the incidence of rape is being at the increase these days. It is indeed so alarming to any right thinking person. Think about the fact that, what would it be like if it were your daughter, sister or anyone close to you? To be candid there is a need for a serious deterrent measures to be taken to address the issue,” he revealed.

The singer also stated that, as an inspirational singer he had already composed a song that intends to enlighten the general public on measures needed to be taken by parents and other stakeholders to prevent rape. He added that, the song when released will surely bring out a lot that need to be known on rape prevention and control.

“The song is composed with intend to address and enlighten the general public the dangers of this menace of rape. No doubt the increase in recorded number of rape cases in recent time is so alarming, and as I have made mentioned earlier the fight against rape is the responsibility of everyone and as a singer I have taken the bold step to sing on the issue and contribute in the fight through music.

Sadiq Zazzabi attended Warure Special Primary School and then proceeded to Adam Nama’aji Junior Secondary School where he got admitted into Shekar-Barde Secondary School, he is also a diploma certificate holder in Environmental Studies and Survey.

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