WHO dismisses super strains claim

AREWA AGENDA – The World Health Organisation, WHO, has described as unfounded and without scientific basis, claims that persons vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccines are more likely to infect others with “super-strains” of the coronavirus.

“There is no evidence of this. Vaccination is part of the solution for suppressing transmission along with existing public health measures,” the agency noted.

According to an immunologist, any sort of suggestion that the vaccines are making things worse is completely the opposite message to give out.

“It’s an emergency, we must get as many people vaccinated as we can to stop variants emerging and to stop the virus from spreading,” he added.

The misinformation spreading online about the coronavirus and vaccines has been an issue for countries and their vaccine rollout strategies.

Multiple French social media accounts have claimed, without evidence, the COVID-19 vaccines are causing variants of the virus to emerge.

The article falsely alleged that vaccinated people are most likely to infect other people with super-strain of the virus.

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