IN THIS “HIGH MASS DRUGS-CONSUMPTION” ERA; 2,000 not 20,000 Narcotics Officers?

IN THIS “HIGH MASS DRUGS-CONSUMPTION” ERA; 2,000 not 20,000 Narcotics Officers?

I sometimes decided not to say anything regarding dysfunctionalities within Nigerian institutions, subsectors and agencies as well. But surprisingly, i lashes out, and take my stance along the way.

As just today, National drugs laws enforcement agency (NDLEA) commissioned Two Thousands (2000) officers in to the ranks of Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics (ASN) through their Academy at Jos, plateau state. This is very happy and good milestone, as a measure to fights against drugs and substance abuse in Nigeria.

However, to be realistic, this happens in the country with over two hundreds and twenty million population (220million approximately), where statistically drugs abuse, trafficking and also cultivations cases are becoming tough in all over the country.

Believe me, I’m not saying government is “backing up wrong tree”, but yet, more efforts should be put in consideration to curtail the trafficking, overseeing and searching illegal drugs, consumption and cultivation.

Nigeria has over One hundred and twenty (120 millions youths by approximation). Unfortunately, this potential youths are the most vulnerable victims of drugs abuse through inhaling, injecting, smoking and drinking different such substances.

More so, been disappointed, by some NDLEA’s officers (not all) who are always behind collecting return, bribery and extortion from drugs sellers, dealers and suppliers, instead of preventing and controlling the importation and distribution amongst the nation state. While government is yet to take action in such disappointment.

Dear the Federal Government, advisably, you should take “one’s best bet” in recruiting thousands of people, more and more so, not 2000 officers nationwide, and also punishment should outweighed the pleasure gained through such acts. In addition, recruitment shall also be consistently taking up, hopefully leading to drastically reduction of this menace in the country general.

Sameen Y Saeed (Dr.SYS)
Social &Media Analyst, influencer and Activist.

Writes from Kano.

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