The North Is On Fire! By Umar Farouk Jahun

The North Is On Fire! By Umar Farouk Jahun

AREWA AGENDA – The North is now a region that reeking with rapidly growing cases of banditry, kidnappings and corruption. It’s educational system is in shambles, it’s health sector and tatters and it’s communal existence bedeviled by persistent farmers-herders clash.

These crisis today have become the “constituted authority. The terrorist are storming towns, villages and highways abducting peoples indiscriminately. People are loosing hope and resigning to faith as the continuous occurrence is becoming like a badge on the region.

Northerners supported the emergence of this Government with the best it could give. Give them mass votes, sacrificed their lives and money, they prayed tirelessly, they shunned their business and works for them to be on power and resisted the hunger and starvation. With the woeful failure of this Government, perhaps we should start demanding compensation and refund.

Let’s be fair to ourselves, we’re not getting visible projects in the north, but at least let our lives and properties be secured, silence in matters of insecurity is complacency and hypocrisy. Armed bandits can not be marauding in broad day light like we’re in a lawless republic.

North voted this government massively only for security faster than ever, despite no single major project in the regiom compared to all other regions, no economic development, no roads, no drinking water, no electricity, yet our lives are taken daily and daily.

It is heart-bleeding how we constantly read the news of killings and kidnapping across the Northern states. And very unfortuantely, most of the victims are villagers that don’t even know what’s going on within the country, they are just after what they would eat and survive.

The security and welfare of the people, as enshrined in the constitution, is the primary purpose upon which every government is built. With rising cases of insecurity especially in the north and renewed cases of Boko Haram attacks, government need to quickly intervene. Unless if our lives does not matter at all?

If the bandits can now move freely without fear of being stopped by the security, then we’re in a very deep trouble. If the security can’t stop them while they’re moving freely, only God knows the damage they’ve inflicted on innocent people living in the rural areas.

I am also afraid that if we continue to fold our hands and watch, these crisis will continue to fester and it could consumes everyone, irrespective of his/her proclaimed status. So, let call a spade a spade.

Our fathers, brothers, sisters and friends are dying, hence, we can’t stop calling on Government to do the needful. Each life matter!

Umar Farouk (MCSN) is an academic and columnist writes from Jigawa. He can be reach via +2347032843368, [email protected]

Arewa Agenda is a Publication of young writers from Northern Nigeria towards peaceful coexistence and national development through positive narratives.



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