The Campaign For PVC – Satan’s Masterplan To Divide Nigerians

The Campaign For PVC – Satan’s Masterplan To Divide Nigerians

By I. M. Al-Amīn

AREWA AGENDA – Many writers have over the last couple of days discussed technically and iron out tactically the truth about the Political “Christianity” of the Nigerian Politicians, and the “Islāmism” of those Muslims in Nigeria’s Partisan Politics as of today. Yes, many of those writers whose write-ups trended ever since the Presidential Primaries of PDP, APC and other minority Parties ended up barely “Three to Four” weeks back have done quite a Fairplay in how they established their arguments out of the prevailing conditions.

One very interesting thing I read in one of such Short Comments and writings was how the Political Profile of “Alh. Bõla Ahmed Tinubu”, the Jāgaba was arithmetically dissected. In short Tinubu’s closest Person, his Lifetime Partner and the Beloved Companion and Compassion Mother to his Children is right up to this material moment a Diehard “Christian Reverend and a Church Minister”. That’s a Pathological Point of Truth.

I took Governor Ahmed Tinubu’s “Personal Political Profile” as one of the “Simplest Sample” to logically depicts the Rowing Campaign by Muslims and Christians Scholars that the 2023 Electioneering Year is all about Religion is nothing but “Satan’s Traps” to destroy a Peaceful Nation, a Nation that is now enjoying a Minimal amount of Favourable Co-existence despite all the existing escalating Instability and Insecurities ravaging the Country. And as a matter of fact, even the Present Nonsense Condition is far better than the “Clarion Calls” by those “Evil Pastors and Imāms” who believe, think and Preach the Idea that getting a PVC is almost a Paradoxical License to Paradise.

Now, when one relaxes and ponders deeply into the Crazy Phantomic Fantasy of the “Reverend Fathers” who locked their “Churches” unto the Face of the unregistered Churchmen and women, showing in only those who showed their PVCs is the worst Lucifer whom Jesus Christ will Curse because it’s Dogmatic upon he who believes in the Supernatural Qualities of the Almighty God, that;

“To Caesar what is for Caesar, and to God what is for God”

Thence why should there be any marring up “God’s Pious House of Worship with Satan’s Den of Politics”?

The citations running around like wildfire by uninformed citizens, or those who are well informed but try to Pretend not knowing, or to be Precise those who Fully Knew everything but wanted to create Mischievous Circumstances by Confusing the ordinary Nigerian on what is never an “Acceptable and Agreed Constitutional” Issue.

Every Idiot who knows the Political Structure of Democratic Governance knows very well that No Politician under the present “Setup”, no matter how Powerfully Influential he is can Change the “Political Map of Nigeria” from its Current “Secularised Status” to a “Religious State”, that’s an Inconceivable Hypothesis, and a Hysterical Reverie that can never, ever Fructify.

The namely acquired “Usage and Utility” of Archaic and Egocentric Religious Verdicts which some Scholars have dashed out since the 80s are nothing but Reincarnation of “Confusionists Clamouring”. Why? Because even the illiterate amongst the diverse heterogeneous Nigerians can hardly conceive the Mentality that under the present Political System, the “Muslim Majority” can “Islāmise” Nigeria, or the “Christian Minority” can transform Nigeria into a Christian State. That’s just a Wishful Thinking which Satan is using those Ungodly People as his Baits to Confuse the Country and through it into Flames of hatred, dislike and eventually to an unprecedented “National Armageddon” of Battles and Wars.

The Status Of The PVC And How It Should Be Considered

Constitutionally the “Personal Voter’s Card” is a Fundamental Right of the Nigerian Citizen to acquire, Serving as a Statutory Responsibility upon whosoever is “Interested” to go and Elect the Candidate of his Choice, and which by Law if such Nigerian Voter doesn’t find any Candidate that fulfills his personal Condition and requirement that warrants his to Electing of such an Aspirant, indeed no “Edict” made by either the Country’s Courts of Law, INEC’s Provisional Laws or perhaps some uncleared, uninterpreted “Injunction” that might have remained “Allegorical” can Force a Voter to Cast his Vote against his Will upon Persons not Favourable to him and his Principles. In fact not even an “Abrogated Decree” can place Nigerians under such a Fixation.

Thus, the importance of the PVC cannot be different from that of a “Traveller’s Document”, an International Passport or any of such Certificates both of which Government has ever Made it Mandatory upon its Citizens that they Must have “Travelling Documents”. In fact a “National Identity Card” is Million Times Invaluably Important than a PVC.

The Massive Campaign for the acquisition of a “PVC” is hence nothing but a “Campaign of Confusion”. If greater percent of the Present Politicians, perhaps majority of them are believed to be “Irreligious People”, then who amongst them will work in order to earn the Pleasure of Prophets Īsā (Jesus Christ) and Muhammad? Naturally many of them (the Politicians) have over the years proved that they don’t even care with what either the Contents of the Holy Qur’ān nor those in the Bible do really Contained. In fact they enjoyed reading “Shakespeare’s Books” than communicating with the Almighty through His Divine Scriptures.

As one Peace Political Campaigner puts it,

“All the Politicians you are Seeing around today do always Dine and Drink with one another which often tells you that they seemed not to have any serious differences between themselves. They are always intact over their Personal Interests, for you don’t ever find them Quarreling, they never have Bad Arguments even if they must Misunderstand one another, and they never, ever Fight in all the Games they were Playing together”.

If that’s an established fact, then why all these unfortunately unforgivable Campaigns by those wicked “Pastors and Imāms” that if a Christian allows a Muslim to rule over him, Nigeria becomes an Islāmic State, or that if the Minority Christians are allowed to govern they will be the ones to decide the Fate of all the Millions of the Muslims that have outnumbered everyone.

Its a Best Known Fact that there are Christian Politicians through whom Muslims enjoyed their Personal Generosity Better than their Christian Brethren. And its equally so true with many Muslim Politicians under whom their Christian Friends, Colleagues and Associates were treated to VIP Courtesies.

The PVC Religious Campaign is by all standards nothing but Satan’s Trappings to put the country to Test of “Character and Faith”.

The thought by many of the Statement of Late Sheikh Abūbakar Mahmūd Gummi over the “Kāfurci” (Heresy) of a Muslim who refuses to Vote, or decides to Elect a Trusted Christian Candidate has been amplified beyond “Common Sense”.

The Religious “Audios and Videos” presently trending as Admonition to their Followers have establish beyond reasonable doubt that they are nothing but “Scams” to detract the Country from facing its existing “Economical and Insecurity” realities. Those same Realities which those Politicians who are yet to be elected for their various “2023 Aspired Offices” are People who are very well known to Nigerians, they aren’t “Unknown Angels or Ghosts” that will be here between now and “2023” to Change our entire Political System on our behalf towards either becoming the “Islāmic Republic of Nigeria”, or a “Christian Federal Nigeria”.

Government’s Urgent Action To Enact Law Over Politics And Religion

As a matter of Urgency, the Federal Government “Must” look into the ongoing “Religio-Political Campaigns” waving like ocean tides trying to Squeeze the Country into “Tremendous Turbulent Turmoil” to which if the Masses are Mobilized into it, the Nation will cease to be a Sovereign State.

Hence, the Federal Government “Must” carefully Review the Constitutionally agreed Political Status of the Country and immediately reconsider,

(1) Creation Of Religious Political Parties And that is precisely to say that Religious Institutions who are now Clamouring for Political Changes based on their Religious Beliefs and Inclinations should be Registered by INEC as “Political Parties”. For instance having Muslim and Christian Politicians making Political campaigns and Propaganda in the name of Islām and Christianity and necessarily the Muslim-Muslim, Christian-Christian Ticket, its to be Purely Religious Political Parties,

(2) Redefining And Reinforcing The Secular Status Of Nigeria; That the Federal Government through its Arms of Governance “Must” clearly redefine the Unanimously Agreed Constitutional Political Status of Nigeria as a “Secular State”, otherwise it shall remain to be a “Great Threat”, far worse than a Country into a Civil War for a Sovereign State being often “Legally Misrepresented” by its Citizens in how the Federation has been “Chartered”,

(3) Declaration Of Religious Institutions Into Politics As Traitors; After Clarifying the “Secular Status” of the State, the Federal Government should immediately declare by all its “Natural Laws” within its Jurisdiction that Religion Figures and the Institutions they represent who try to Use “Religion into Politics”, or “Politics into Religion” are nothing but Enemies of the State whose instigating of the Citizenry is equally nothing short of Creating and Nurturing “Hatred” between Peacefully Co-existing Peoples, a Hatred whose identity is gearing towards officialising Chaotic Conditions that Concretely means “War Emblematic”.

Unless and until the Government acts Conscientiously Past and Urgently, the Current Wave of the PVC Campaign shall open up “Old Wounds” and go on to Create “New Enmity” which all those children (Men and Women of today) who were born after the “Second Republic” have Never Known.

I. M. Al-Amīn©️
Kano City, Nigeria

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