If You Don’t Support The Young Ones, We Will Continue To Stagnate By Umar Farouk Jahun

If You Don’t Support The Young Ones, We Will Continue To Stagnate By Umar Farouk Jahun

AREWA AGENDA – Any country that fails to develop, mentor and prepare it’s young ones for the future, so as to contribute meaningfully to it’s general growth and development will have serious challenges moving forward.

The day Nigeria comes up with a serious policy that harnesses the brilliance of our absolutely intelligent and talented young people, a lot of changes will be seen. But as it stands, a lot needs to be put in place before that happens.

Youths are leaders of tomorrow as already been told for so long. Though, it appear there are few young peoples being appointed into the key government positions. Despite, the older generations contribute largely to our woes and against the infusion of freah ideas in government.

Anywhere around the world, youth are the centre of focus, accompanied by practically and pragmatists tendency, they are an asset and epitome of every society, and also an essential elements that immensely ontribute for the development of any country in the world.

Sadly, it was different in Nigeria, as youths have been escalated and trapped by the darkness of their own government, lagged behind in many aspects that show standard mode of living in any developed country, there by stalled their every effort to contribute for the future developments.

They have been abandoned, left with poverty, mass illiteracy, religious fundamentalism and tribalism as the only four most weapons of mass destruction and underdevelopment.

If you are youth today, don’t ever pray to be in a situation where you would rely on the Nigerian state to save you, except you belong to the extreme privileged elite class. How many young peoples deserve a bright future? But, only a bleak one. Every day you see and hear stories of how the Nigerian system deliberately fails the common youths.

Youths mentalities are messed up, and not getting out of the mess any time soon. Their services and education have been cut and see no future, with high level of ignorance, emotional instability, inability to articulate or reason.

The so-called mentors also only succeed in subjecting their mentees to all sort of hardships and difficulties. Only very few people genuinely groom and nurture the young ones to develop even more than them.

Whenever you come across someone who has worked under his boss for decades, the story is always about hardship, patience, than genuine passion. This mentality needs to be changed. Mentors and their mentees need to be best of friends, not a master-slave relationship.

Perhaphs, It’s time for the young peopls to wake from laziness, comfort and procrastination, to know themselves! It’s now or never. To remove all the obstacles away and wipe away all their respectives problems with equanimity, that’s the only way to hope for a better tomorrow. The famous Mandela Said “When the freedom reign, the sun never set on so glorious a human development”. Our case is not new, we must think and act now.

Almighty God has given you the power to lead a good life, you are the one’s not activating that power. Until you start acting, stop calling and waiting for a God who is with you already, nothing will change until then

You are still a today’s LEADERS and PARTNERS in nation building and national development. Think and act like it, the unborn generation depend on you.

May history speak kindly of you.

Umar is an Academia, Columnist and Member Chemical Society of Nigeria, writes from Jigawa. He can also reached via +2348032843368, [email protected]

Arewa Agenda is a Publication of young writers from Northern Nigeria towards peaceful coexistence and national development through positive narratives.

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