Stop The Negative Insinuations About The Nationwide Protests, By Abdulmumin Giwa

AREWA AGENDA -It is very sad the way some people are trying to insinuate insincerity of purpose, sectional or religious bias about the ongoing protests by Nigerians.

They are working hard to discredit the protest and ensure that they contain it by all means by branding it in many ways. Some try to make it look sectional, some try to induce religious sentiments while the weakest of them all use political excuses that the protesters are being paid and yet no one has been identified as the one paying the piper or even the piper receiving the money and playing the tune to which the public is dancing.

The truth is that it is those in power, those in authority, that are insinuating the North-South dichotomy and other negative sentiments because they will benefit from it. They want to divide the people to continue to rule over them by force. They are trying to use that as their joker and fool the fools as they have always done.

But one thing remains clear, that all the demands by protesters concern all Nigerians and are of general national interest not regional, tribal or religious. So whosoever brands the protest negatively is only being hypocritical and mischievous.

What is it that the protesters are demanding for that does not concern Nigerians? Is it police brutality, is it insecurity or is it inflation and hardship resulting from misgovernance? All of these concern Nigerians and not a particular region or religion. This is talking about Nigeria.

The Army is trying to scare the protesters by claiming that they are reaffirming allegiance to democracy. What then is democracy in this assertion? Is it the people’s decision that is democracy or the Army’s decision? Definitely it is the people that decide under any democracy and nor the Army.

Beware of this fact; Neither the Army Chief nor the Police Chief or any Chief at all wants to end up his life before ICC in the Hague defending himself for killing peaceful protesters on the streets?

Hence, no matter the reaffirmation of allegiance by the Army to democracy, they don’t decide for democracy, it the people that do. So pls cool your emotions. You can kill as many as you wish as you have always done but can never kill their spirit. It has been planted and will continue to grow.

The government should simply listen to the yearnings of the people and make effective and non deceptive amends!!!

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