SORCERY: A Parable In-Between Bichi and Sokoto

By, I. M. Al-Amīn

AREWA AGENDA – The Days are gone when Men Possess Real Fear of God, the Times are Due when Men Stripe Hard in Fulfilling their Darkest Dreams, and the Hours are Nigh, Dragging Closer when All (the Good, Bad and the Ugly) Shall be Reckoned to the Altar of Judgement before The Supreme Judge.

“Bashar” (or Bashīr), a “Sokoto Sojourner” in Bichi (a Town 45 Kilometres) away from Kano who has arrived into the Township Trying to Win the Hand of “Khadījah” as a Wife was Badly “Disgusted in Disfigured Disgrace out of Betrothal Deception” which he Couldn’t Calmly Compromise against his Conscience; And thus was Contented with his Daunted Contentment to Respond to the Ego of his Soul with a Speedy Obedience, a Loyalty that will Remain Priceless to him until he Breathe Last.

The “17 Minutes” Phone Recorded Audio between “Asmā’u” (Fiancee’s Sister) and the Said Bashīr that Trends-On into the Social Media like Wildfire in the last Couple of hours Represents 66% of “Nigerian’s Secret Private Life”; The Story in Northern Nigeria (Arēwa) that is Terrifically Untold, for it is the Filthy Narration, Citation and Discussion of the “Bõkaye, Matsāfa, Yan-Tsubbu, Yan-Bõri, Malaman-Shaiďan, Māyu, Aljanu and others”.

Late Khadijah

Muslims and Christians as far as “Black Magic” (Voodoo Practices) in Northern Nigeria (Arēwa) is Concern remains a “Sturdy Stuff” that Keeps Running Deeper into the Blood Vessels of Millions like Drinking Water. This is an Undeniable Paradox that have Converted Millions More other Nigerians into Sorcery and Magic, the “Religion of Satan”.

The Transpiration of the Matrimonial Struggle of “Bashīr” who lost the Hand of “Khadījah”, Galloping in between Sokoto and Bichi in the Battle despite all the Intractable Intricacies is a Well Documented Pact for Concern Authorities to Seriously Consider as an “Article” to be Engrained into Our “Constitution”.

Black Magic and Jūjū – An Institutionalized System in Nigeria

As of Today (2021) whoever will “Deny” that he doesn’t know that Black Magic & Sorcery (or Jūjū) do Exist on Our Shores is either a “Pretender” or a Crazy Fool who will leave his life only to die as the “Worst Criminal Ignorant”, an Evil even to himself.

The Hausa adage “Tsāfi Gaskiyan Mēshi” doesn’t Deny the existence of Black Magic, it rather Empowers the Availability of the Practice, that those who Believe in it do Truly Gain what they Desire out of it.

As a Result of Black Magic, Millions were Permanently Separated from their Families (Sent far Away from Home), to remain in “Mysterious Exile” for Ages, Many Perished in Wilderness, others Raised Progeny with Lost Identities, and Many, Many More Other remained in Limbo; And again Many More are Silenced to Death by the Toxicity of Black Magic whose actual Ailments Couldn’t be Analyzed by all Medical Tests and Studies. Some are Mesmerized to Madness and Unhealing Lunacy languishing in Labyrinth and Psychiatry that they will Carry their Saddest Condition into their Graves in Sorrowful Manner, while Greater Percentage were reduced to Bedridden Conditions awaiting their Final Hours on Mother-Earth for Years. Thousands of Many others are used as “Spare Parts in Rituals Acts and Cultists Services” for “Money and Power”; Yes, indeed Quite a Number of Hundreds of Thousands of More and More Others were Dumped and Rendered Baseless in Life, letting  them to Parade on and off without Knowing what to do, Such Victims live in this World as Unknown Creatures to themselves, for they have been “Deliberately Deleted Away” from the Memories of the very People who even Own them (their Beloved Families and Dearest Friends). Indeed the Power of the Black Magic that is Made to Work upon  them have Completely Removed them out of Function. They were Projected thus to remain and Leave not Really Knowing what Life is all about. And the People who Usually Fall as Prey in this Category are Often “Genius Men” whom have been Downgraded by Demons and Devils (of either their Friends and Sometimes even their Blood Brothers) who do such things their Victims out of nothing but “Envious Jealousy” or on very Trivial Account and Highly Excusable Disagreement which the Pronouncing and Articulation of “Forgive Me Dear, or I’m So Sorry Brother” or even the Letting of Bygones that is often found in Ordinary Humane Simplicity Can Mend.

Death of Prince, Iyan Zazzau – Lesson to Those Who Believe in Judgement Day

Equally the Most recent Trending Audio depicting  the Voice of One “Esq. Talle”, a Northern (Arēwa) Woman Lawyer who Confab in Lamentation over the “Sudden Death” of His Royal, Late Alh. Bashīr Amīnu, the “Iyan Zazzau” who according to the 5-Minutes Audio Says Much about the Mysterious Ways how the Zazzau Strongman Passed Away on Friday, the very 1st Day of the Year “2021” will Confuse the Most Enduring Soul.

Nobody will argue that the Story of Iyan Zazzau’s Demise wasn’t a Painful One, not even his Antagonists will deny the fact that their “Bitter Foe” Departed in an Unfortunate End; for they wouldn’t “Pray” Unto themselves that they should Meet the same “Fate”. Yes indeed, the Royal Prince’s life ended in “Ikko” (Lagos) Under Pathetic Circumstances.

The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth in the Unpredictable “Shalom Death” of “Iya” going by the Narration of “Esq. Talle” will Continue to Pull the Triggers of Suspicious Shooters directly on the Head of every Resourceful Persons in the Northern Nigeria, for no One is Safe anymore with the Year “2023” (an Unpredictable Political Electioneering Year) Past Approaching.

Until Today almost all Government Investigations into Assassinations or Attempted Murders on the Lives of Our Important Persons in Northern Nigeria Died Down in Solace without Reaching to the Culprits.

Dr. Sa’īd Ngamdu, Sultān Dasuki’s Assistant in the Historic Nigeria’s Constitutional Conference was Killed in Cool Blood in between Port Harcourt and Benin City Express Way in 1990 with no Perfect Result.

Mall. Ja’afar Mahmūd Adam was Gunned Down in 2009,  the Albānin Zazzau was Fatally Shot Dead in 2011 with no Proper Traces of who did or Sponsored the Job.

Gen. Muhammad Shuwa, despite being a Heroic Commander who Served his Beloved Country with his Last Blood Couldn’t receive a Preferential Treatment that his Departed Soul Deserved, nothing is out about who killed the Man and why being Targeted after Attaining a Perfect Life in Retirement Age.

In fact the VIPS are so much in number that Northern Nigeria lost, Persons whose lives were Vehemently Ended in the Prime of their Virility.

Why Nigeria Must Consider Stiff Laws on Black Magic, Sorcery and Cultism

Unlike Homicide, all the Killings that are taking Place through Black Magic are not Properly Documented in the Judicial System of Nigeria for Dispensation of Justice and Fairplay. In fact it seemed to appear as if those “Lobbyists” Responsible in influencing the Executive, the Legislature and even the Judiciary have some Sort of Special Interest in the Continuity of the Unholy and Ungodly Act.

Yes indeed, Highly “Placed Persons” in both Public and Private Sectors seem to have an Upper Hand in the Dirty Black Magic Business despite the fact that it Effects is So Vicious that it Continuously remains to Witch-hunt them as they Nurture and Upheld it, because that’s the “Nature of Evil, that it always Consumes those who Champion it Cause”, for as the Saying goes, “Munāfurcin Dõdo, Yakanci Mēshi”, for it is a “Vicious Cycle”.

Our entire Machinery of Government in the Federal Republic of Nigeria “Must” Consider a Protocol for the Incorporation of “Stiffer Laws” on Sorcery, Black Magic, Cultism  and other Similar Spiritual Practices that Endanger the Lives of Persons in this Great Country for So Many Decades. Late Governor Sabo Bākin Zuwo of Kano has warned of the Dangers of the Menace of Cultists Activities while a Senator in Lagos.

Nobody in Nigeria escapes the Evil of Black Magic, the Devil’s Institution Spares None, in fact it Conscripted all and Sundry and Gives Free Admission and Grants High Allowances so that the Institution Continues to Exist  for Eternity.

The Consequential Effects of Black Magic “Chokes” the Life-Support of Millions of People in both Public and Private Lives, in fact as we said earlier even the VIPS ain’t Spared.

Thus, the Administration of Black Magic by those who Believe in it Permeates into every Segment of the Lives of their Preys, no Matter at what expense.

The Most Purest form of Black Magic as of Today is that of a Woman looking for the Man of her Choice to Marry who goes to the “Bamāguje” at the outskirt of Kano for Charms and Talisman. Some Women go down into the Thick Forests of Yorubaland looking for that “Object” which will Amplify the Power of their Gripes over their Husbands, so Much So that nothing of his “Personal Estates” Escapes them. These are Considered to be the Most Cleanest Acts of Black Magic despite their illegality as can Practically be Proven.

Army, Navy, Police and other Paramilitary Officers, Top and Junior Civil Servants, High Class Politicians, Administrators (Commissioners, Ministers, Governors, Senators, their Children, Wives and Retinue) in fact even those above them Never Leave Normal Lives because of the Heavy Bombardment of Spells Casted on them by those who wanted to achieve their Goals under the Offices they Run.

Sometimes quite unfortunate to say, the Reverse Recourse where Such Groups of Top Persons Mentioned earlier will Use Black Magic to Control all those People who interact with them in their Temporal Engagements. The Worst happens when they Try to “Cover Up” their Dirty Files from Reaching a “Query Point” because of their Fraudulent Behaviour and Wanton Corruption in their Jobs and Assignments in Public Service.

Now, in as much as the Status Quo of the Peoples of  Northern Nigeria (Arēwa) under “Black Magic” surviving and Dwelling within it’s Realm will Continue to Remain Unchecked by Authorities Concern With no Law Enforced and with no Appropriate Penalty, no doubt the Flying Leaves that Sways with Souls of Millions of Persons will be left in Annihilating Jeopardy for Years to Come where Nobody will Escape from the Pangs of its Gripes.

Penalty for Sorcery, Witchraftcy, Black Magic and Cultism

Going by the Promulgated Laws against Black Magic in Several Countries across the Globe, not even Considering the Religious Institutions (Islām, Christianity or other Religions) in those Nations, the Laws are Really Tough because the Men of Discretion in those Lands Studied and knew how Bad the Consequential Aftermath of the “Artistic Revolution” of Black Magic has Destroyed their Societies.

In the State of Israel, in Europe, in the Americas (North, South and Latin) and elsewhere in South East Asian Countries, the Laws on Black Magic are Tougher if the Crime is Fully established Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

The Saudi Arabian Authority including some Few other Gulf States have, as a Punishment-Law against Black Magic have enacted Death by “Sword”, and that’s even a Highly Subsidized Penalty Compared to the Laws of Witchcraftcy and Black Magic in the Middle Ages, or Much earlier in the Ancient Greece, Rome, Persia, Mesopotamia,  Constantinople or Egypt.

Muguram is a Hinterland Village in Yobe State where once, some few Years back a Witch Preferred a Local Cake (Waina) as Charity which Later Coagulated into Blood because there was a Hidden “Maita Mixture” in it Targeted to Catch his Prey. His very wife Nailed him.

Today in the Present Day Sovereign Nigeria, if Lawyers, Judges, University Professors, Public Servants, Businessmen will go to an “Alaramma, a Bõka, a Jūju Oracle, a Bamāguje, a Fidi-Fidima and So on”; Or Students would only Pass their Exams, Appointments anywhere will not be Attainable, Promotions wouldn’t be Achieved, Contracts Couldn’t be Obtainable, if Politicians will Never Win Elections, if Suitors will Never See the Faces of their Fiancee, and if Football Matches Can’t be Won, or Scion-Ship (within Families) Shouldn’t be Appraised, if Preachers (Ustāzs, Pastors and Imāms) Can’t have the Required Audience, if Celebrities wouldn’t get Popularity and the Needed Fans, in fact if even Books Can’t be Sold except either one of the above “Spiritual Houses” are Consulted, then for Sure there is Something Really Really Wrong with Our Psychology as Normal People.

Those who Care to Consider Spiritual Journeys to “Makkah and Jerusalem” may Perhaps be more Pious in their Passions, though they go on the Pilgrimages with Anti-God Manners, for they Step Upon Sacred Sites to Ask God for Wrong Things even Dangerous to them, in fact Sometimes the Question Asked and  Request Longed are Interwoven with “Polytheistic Stuffs” (Shirka) Negating the very Foundation of the Faith they Carry into those Pure Sanctuaries;

If these should Continue to feature in Our Lives then for Surety Yan-Arēwa (Northerners) and indeed all other Nigerians Must ask the Federal Government for a “Referendum” on either Incorporate Black Magic into the Supremacy of Constitution of the Federal Republic or a Special Stiff Law be Enacted and Promulgated to Quell Down the Cancerous Menace that Black Magic is Right Now Gnawing Away the Structural Body of every Living Being in Our Blessed and Beloved Society.

At last, according to the Accompanying Audio of a “Bichi Lady” who  knows the Family of Khadījah, who shared her Resentment in a 2½-Minutes Lamenting Words Posted on Several Social Media, “Bashīr” of Sokoto has Devilishly Killed Bichi’s “Khadījah” through his Bõkaye after gathering the Necessary Concoction of the Birthplace of the Woman he Hunted to Marry, taking the Sands where her Umbilical Cord was buried (in front of their Family House), the Dust in the Marketplace, on the Streets and Graveyards of Bichi, her Beloved Hometown, all to be used as the easiest Lethal to Send her Packing out of “Mother Earth”.

If Bashīr’s Actions, or those of his Similarity will be Allowed to “Freely Flourish” as a Cultural Heritage in Northern Nigeria (Arēwa), then we are all Doomed forever.

In Islām and Christianity (including even Judaism and other Religions) the Crime of “Black Magic” (Sihir) Prohibits Upon the Sinner from Seeing the Kingdom of God.

May Allah, The Lord of The Worlds Salvage All Pure Souls from the Clutches of Black Magic and Sorcery, and Reduce all the Evil Powers that Pioneer Wickedness to Nothingness. May Allah Forgive the Khadījah of Bichi (if her Death is Confirmed) and Accord her Family the Fortitude of her Irreparable Loss.


I. M. Al-Amīn©️
CILS, ABU-Zaria (NG)

Arewa Agenda is a Publication of Young writers/journalist from Northern Nigeria towards Peaceful Coexistence and National Development through positive narratives


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