Senator Kwari Calls For Unity, Perseverance in Hard Time

AREWA AGENDA- The Senator representing Kaduna North District, Suleiman Abdu Kwari, has urged Nigerians to imbibe the spirit of perseverance in order to scale the current challenges facing humanity in general.

Senator Kwari said, Nigerian Muslims should imbibe the protective love and affection for fellow citizens irrespective of differences in creed or class.

“One of the beauties of a Muslim’s religion, according to Islamic teachings, is to love for his neighbour and brother what he loves for himself.

“If Nigerians should genuinely practice the true teachings of their various religious callings, there would not be any basis for serious disagreement that could lead to unnecessary violence and loss of lives,” Senator Kwari said.

He regretted that overtime, religion and religious teachings have been manipulated so much that it has been turned into an avenue for the venting of pent-up jealousies that in the end prove counterproductive.

Calling on the people to support leaders who keep to expectations, Kwari said they should however decently call out leaders who show evidence of incapacity or unwillingness to offer good leadership.

“Specifically, the people of Kaduna state owe gratitude to the current administration of Malam Nasir El-Rufai for tirelessly working to provide a conducive environment for the people to thrive and this a lesson of good leadership” he said.

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