Rape: Shaming the “Man” Who Wants to Tarnish the Good Men!

Rape: Shaming the “Man” Who Wants to Tarnish the Good Men!

By Ibrahim Nazeer Kallah

AREWA AGENDA – Sexual abuse is not a matter for categorisation, therefore, it lacks regard for maturity or otherwise, being young or old, virgin or dis-virgined, because even those being carried on the laps have become victims.

Today, the menace has gotten to an audacious level with fathers raping daughters, brothers raping sisters, boyfriends raping girlfriends, sons raping mothers and so forth. It has happened in Bushes and open spaces, indoors and outdoors among other places.

It’s Appalling and heart touching how some evil men are inflicting unforgettable trauma, scars and holes on the innocent girl child. This trauma has become so embedded that young girls and women have started to question their gender with distress. They feel like why am I even a woman /girl? What’s my crime for being a woman?

The moment a fragile cat’s hair begins to erect as a result of tension and torture that cat will definitely turn to a tiger. The young Generation must wake up to take on the tradition of telling truth to power as many thinks it’s useless, nonsensical and bullshit. Your silence have led to so many successful evil in the society. We must join voices to speak up, otherwise this menace will consume us all.

Hervert Hoover once said “Older men declare war but it is the youth that must fight and die”.

We as good men must unanimously put all hands on deck to tell the Power to take deserving action against sexual offenders.

Let’s univocally shame that “Man who wants to tarnish the Good Man”. Let’s stand for all who have been raped, for all who have been raped and killed. For Fatima, for Jennifer, for Uwa, for Tina, for Zainab and all the faceless and Voiceless victims.

Also pray that God the Almighty will deliver those rapist from their evil act. Let’s protect the female gender, let’s say no to rape.

Comr. Ibrahim Nazeer Kallah (CEO Comrade Photography) from Kano, Nigeria.
[email protected].

Arewa Agenda is a Publication of young writers from Northern Nigeria towards Peaceful Coexistence and National Development through positive narratives.

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