Rahama Sadau and the Hypocrisy on Style of Dressing

By Shuaibu Gara Gombe

First of all, I am not a fan of Rahama Sadau. I only met her once in a Train transit from Rigasa to Idu where she sat next to me moments after I had taken my seat and all through the 2hrs trip, she didn’t utter a word to me.

I am not feeling entitled, but simple courtesy demands that when you meet people in that circumstance, the least you could do is to say hi. If she was seated before me, as is the custom with my faith, I would have at least said “Salam (peace be upon you)” to her or “good morning/afternoon” as the case may be.

This is upbringing, discipline and acceptable social conduct. I did not even know that she was the one until a friend I met at the Car Park said to me that, that was her. It then downed on me that her arrogance and lack of humility as a public figure is below social standard. Anyway that is not the reason for this post.

I have read several commentaries and counter commentaries following her indicent dressing as a Muslim which went viral and sparked debate recently. We always like to waste precious time on unimportant things. I have never expected Rahama to behave otherwise following her antecedents. Some people even called for her head because her controversial dress according to them made some non Muslims hurl insults on Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The question to ask this calling for her head here, is she the one that insulted the Prophet or someone else? Let us be fair. The other time I cursed all those who hoarded Palliatives and their familles, I was quickly told that I should leave their familles out of it.

I have realised recently that the moment people hate you for whatever reason, they will try to find one way or another to link you to a religious commandments that you violated and the next they will say your blood is worth shedding.

Like I said earlier many people are hypocrites. They don’t even know nothing in Islam. Ignorance has always been their greatest assets. What right do you have to declare a Muslim an unbeliever? What right do you have to threaten the life of someone simply because he/she disagree with ISLAMIC principles. Which Muhammad are we following? There is only one Prophet Muhammad SAW and that is not what he teaches us to practice. We select who to blame and spare those we want to blame.

Just recently Nuhu Ribadu’s daughter dressed in a manner worst than Rahama’s. What did we do or what did our ‘Islamic’ scholars say? We have the daughter of a prominent stateman from the North, a Muslim too who was a girl friend to I think Dbanj, Whizkid or Tuface. They were all over Europe and Dubai. Is it because Rahama Sadau is a daughter of nobody?

If we want to condemn what is bad let it be condemned no matter who is involved. The energy we put and the amount of data we wasted on this Rahama matter, if we place such efforts in cursing and condemning our leaders who hide food meant for us, it could have gone a long way. Those who hoard the Palliatives are worst than what Rahama Sadau did. I am not defending her action at the same time let us share the blame as it is.

On her apology and tears I know they are crocodile ones. She passed through the same path twice before. So never expect anything from that.

I understand that someone wrote a petition to the IGP about Rahama Sadau, that she beahaved in a manner that caused disaffection in the society and the IGP has directed the CP, Kaduna State to investigate. What is he investigating if I may ask?


Shuaibu Gara Gombe writes from Abuja


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