Passengers Stranded as Tricycle Operators Commences Strike in Kano

AREWA AGENDA – School children and many passengers were stranded in Kano as tricycle operators embarked on indefinite strikes throughout the state to protest the state government’s refusal to suspend the collection of N100 daily levy.


AREWA AGENDA learned that the strike has received wide acceptance from the tricycle operators across the state metropolis.

Only a few cabs plying the roads conveying passengers to their various destinations while some whose places of work is nearby had to trek. Also Students of various schools were seen trekking early this morning.

One of the busiest place in Kano, Bata where a number of businesses are conducted and also connected many parts of the daily activities of Kano were seen dry due to the strike by the Tricycle Operators.

The Director General of KAROTA under which the government levies were collected confirmed that, the levy is compulsory and Tricycle Operators must pay.

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