On Argungu International and Cultural Festival

On Argungu International and Cultural Festival
By Amb. Usman Baraya, DanmasaninKabi

Glory be to the Almighty Allah, that this year’s Fishing Festival has in spite of all the preparatory hiccups, come and gone. It ended up with a resounding success and all the participants from Mr. President to all citizens, foreign and local; have gone back to their destinations happily and safely.

In my capacity as an indigene of Argungu and a citizen of Nigeria, I wish to use this medium to share a few thoughts (lessons) with the general public that may serve as a food-for-thought for one and all in the clarion call to national service with a view to perfecting future policies in all human endeavors. Let me in this connection commence with Mr. President’s ardent desire to uplift Nigeria to a producer nation from the consumer status we have been in, for a very long time with a heavy toll on the national treasury owing to high import bills. The Argungu Agricultural show has in clear terms sent the message to Mr. President that Nigerians are now prepared to produce what they eat given all the necessary enabling environment from the government. The Rice pyramids displayed there in my logic, were in answer to the traditional adage of people reaping what they sow. Mr. President had therefore gone back to Argungu/Kebbi to reap the result of the Agricultural Revolution be launched in 2015. It was indeed a “Yes We Can”scenario, in the words of President Obama.

The Agricultural produce and fishery products displayed in only one out of the 774 local governments in Nigeria is a sign of good omen towards meeting improvements in the national economy that the President promised alongside with security and fight against corruption during the election campaigns. Food security is a very important component of national development of every country that Nigerians must not play with at anytime. Imagine what the gulf nations are going through today because of over dependence on imports. The COVID-19 restrictions and suspension of imports, flights, etc is presently causing concerns on all those nations that cannot feed themselves, in addition to astromical rise in prices for their daily lively requirements.

We now move to the area of Security. The festival, as we are all aware, was on suspension for eleven (11) years because of serious security concerns all over the country. The President and the whole of Nigeria were therefore in Argungu to celebrate peace. Peace in the sense that it started and ended up well without any attacks and participants travelled to and from Argungu seamlessly. It is therefore a plus to the Federal Government on the security front.

It is my prayer and hope that we would continue to consolidate on the successes achieved, in our journey to the Next Level so that Mr. President can leave behind, an enduring legacy that his successors could build on for the Nigeria we want for us and generations yet unborn.

6. I wish to conclude by expressing gratitude to the Federal and State Governments, HRH, The Emir of Argungu, the National and State Assemblies, Ministries of Information, Trade & Investment, the NADDC, the Local Organizing Committee, the Sponsors of events, stakeholders, and all visitors and participants for the successful accomplishments in Argungu.

Amb. Usman Baraya, DanmasaninKabi.

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