Northern Youth Group condemns Zabarmari Massacre, Recommends Security Measures

A Northern Youth group under the aegis of Arewa Youth Consultative Council, AYCC, has condemned the killing of rice farmers in Zabarmari community of Borno State.

This was contained in a statement made available to news men by the the National Director of Graphics and Publication Isah Ismaila on behalf of the National President, Zaid Ayuba Alhaji.

While noting that armed criminality is gradually having a permanent base in Northern Nigeria as killing of innocent souls is on the increase, AYCC called on government and relevant stakeholders to act accordingly in adopting certain security measures in curtailing the incessant killings in the region.

The full statement reads;


Dear President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, All Service Chiefs and the general public; First of all, we totally condemn the babaric killing of our innocent civilians in the past few days. With all sense of pity, concerns, and prayer, may Allah grant them Jannah. We equally wish to extend our usual voices of pain and cries to the President or any body close to him that may extend our message.

Today, Bandits are gradually becoming the most powerful forces in our villages. They operate for hours maiming children, killing men, burning houses, looting animals and farm produce, raping women and kidnapping the ones they consider beneficial. They are reported to be riding their motorcycles in villages with their rifles, as “Merchants of death”.

BBC Hausa reported on Friday 13th November 2020 how farmers pay tax to bandits. We call it BAT “Bandit Added Tax” before going to their farms. On Tuesday 17th November 2020, we got report of how 12 Police Officers were kidnapped. On Saturday 14th November 2020, kidnappers invaded Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic, Zaria, kidnapped people and left freely.

On Sunday 15th November 2020, 9 ABU students were kidnapped along Kaduna-Abuja highway. On Friday 20th November 2020, kidnappers killed 5 Muslims, kidnapped the Imam and 40 Muslims while praying Juma’at at Kanoma in Zamfara state.

On 23rd November 2020, Premium Times reported how Kidnappers invaded ABU Zaria and kidnapped a lecturer. And just on the 28th of November, over 110 innocent farmers are massacred. All in less than 30 days. Because it is in the North, all we get is condolences and condemnation.

These are just the reported cases of kidnapping and masscres in Northern Nigeria. Thousands of gruesome murders, human right violations and genocide goes unreported.


(1) AK47 and other lethal weapons are now carried like mobile phones in the hands of criminal elements in Northern Nigeria.

(2). Armed criminality is gradually having a permanent base in Northern Nigeria as killing of innocent souls is multiplying from Tens to Hundreds. Even after calling for the renewal of the service chiefs, the Government has proven to us that our cries can just be consoled with official silence and condolence.

(3). Unknown future of Northerners and Nigerians is scary from the biggest threat that’s about to be added to the already existing ones. This is because we don’t know the whereabouts of the “freed convicted terrorists” that were released from prisons as a result of the EndSars protests. Most of these guys are dangerous criminals, kidnappers, armed robbers and all kinds of specialists in destruction and crimes against humanity.


(1) “Brutal and Abnormal Strategies” be taken to end insecurity in Northern Nigeria. Every crime is abnormal and only “Abnormal Strategies” can end them. Its time to terminate the appointment of the Service chiefs, investigate them thoroughly, bring younger blood that will work with the “abnormal strategies” piercely. This crisis is only lingering because the government are not getting enough pressure from the victims, especially Northerners.

(2) Urgently set up “Anti-Boko Haram/Kidnappers Volunteer Force (ABKVF)” that will accomodate every active youths in all villages, approve their uses of AK47 under the training and monitoring of Military and other law enforcement agencies. If we are sincere to ending Insecurity in Northern Nigeria, then we must use “Village Intelligence Militias (VIM)” that constitutes basically hunters (Yan’tauri, Maharba, Manoma, Makera, Mahauta) must be engaged in this fight.

(3). All the youths in the affected communities should be encouraged to volunteer, be trained and supervised by the Military. Arm them with riffles and watch how those forests where the bandits are hiding would be penetrated and disbanded.

These killings is continually increasing, violently and completely out of justifiable sense. We urgently recommend for the consideration and application of the above suggestion. All stakeholders: Religious clerics,Traditional rulers, Youths leaders, Community elders, Political office holders and Security experts in the 19 Northern I should be engaged, now and we mean NOW!

We call on the Government to apply practical security strategies to fit into horrible conditions in Nigeria. We are tired of being killed everyday and as law abiding citizens we will continue to expect that the Government protect us by providing security, not to protect ourselves.

May God save us as you commence a strategic plan of action.

Isah Ismaila
National Director of Graphics and Publications.

National President.

Arewa Agenda is a Publication of young writers from Northern Nigeria towards Peaceful Coexistence and National Development through positive narratives.


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