Nigeria Into The 2023 Election; Choosing Between An Ailing President And An Aging Leader

Nigeria Into The 2023 Election; Choosing Between An Ailing President And An Aging Leader

By I. M. Al-Amīn©️

AREWA AGENDA – In modern Nigerian Politics, Psychological Political Gerrymandering, Philosophical Traitorous Politics and Spiritual Political Exigencies has become the Norm of Governance in which Leadership is achieved and attained to.

Prof. Yemi Osinbajo is now Clearly believed to have Betrayed his Father, an Adopted Political Son of Yorubaland’s most respected Clansman Figurehead, “Ahmad Asiwāju Bõla Tinubu”. All the hypocritical Plans and Plots to hinder and blocked the Man in not emerging as the Flag bearer of the ruling Party, in fact all the necessary tools where Placed to stop him reaching and even seeing the Primaries that saw his nomination. So they said, but at last the “Giver, Gave him”.

As we promised ourselves that we are going to traverse Records the last time “PDP Delegates” are busy canvassing amongst themselves into how the Political Profile of the Wazīrin Adamāwa, Alh. Atīku Abūbakar shall be heightened to reach the horizon of his last “Political Life”.

The “Assumed and Presumed Millions of Dollars” dispensed at the PDP’s Convention in Abuja has indeed worked well despite “EFCC’s Effortless” bulldozing to stop the Filthy Business, for their Men and women in uniform on ground at the Pavilion couldn’t do anything in Sanitizing the Political Arena. Atīku wrestled down Gov. Wike and made away with the Flag.

I personally have expected Atīku Abūbakar to have Bowed down in offering a “Thanksgiving Prostration” (Sujūdus-Sukr) to his Ultimate “Giver and Guarantor” as a Conscious Believer, but Atīku just waved to the Crowd and drove out of the Stadium. Perhaps he and his Political advisers might assume that this is Politics and not Religion, or maybe if it ever occurred to them to Cursorily Remember Allāh, the Almighty Creator of all, at least saying “Alhamdulilläh” is legally okay. Yes its okay, but it could have spoke more Meaning if the Prostration was made alongside the “Alhamdulilläh” because that’s an “Accredited Sunnäh” especially on occasions like that even if the Wazīrin Adamāwa’s Ablution (Alwala) has involuntarily vitiated. That’s the irony of not having “Religious Advisers” as Retinue.

With “Atīku and Asiwāju” as the emerging Contenders representing the Two Powerful Political Parties in the Big Race to the Presidency, there lies underneath the Political Transition a lot of Unimaginable Mystery to a New Nigeria.

Nigeria is definitely going to witness one of the most Deadliest Electioneering Year ever in the Political history of Black Africa for the obvious Reasons which the Hearts of all the diverse People of the Regions of the country knew very well. It aren’t a Prediction, it’s a reality lying deeply into every Nigerian despite the fact that only the Almighty God knows what Tomorrow entails.

The Political Battle now begins, from open Wars to hidden Conspiracies, but the truth shall prevail in the Game of a Choice beyond expectation and imagination of all. It may not be a “Predictable Idea” altogether, but the belief remains that if Credible Elections are to be held, there definitely is going to be a “Game Changer” into the Politics of New Nigeria.

As Late “Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmūd Adam” has campaigned against Obasanjo for Buhāri, calling upon Brothers in Faith not to vie for “Money Politics”, saying;

“If any Politician offers you a Bakhshish (ie Bribe) eat it, because its a gift to You from God and vote the one you are Sure of his Piety and Ability to deliver Good Governance”.

Just of recent “Prof. Ibrāhīm Maqari”, Imām in the National Mosque, Abuja has voiced same Clarion Call despite his differing with Ja’afar’s view of eating a Politician’s Bribe freely as a “Godly Gift”. In fact it was the Standing Verdict of Majority of our Elderly local Scholars that Nigerians must vote whom they are sure will uphold to their “Trust and Justice”.

The “Game Changer” is that the Present Machinery of Government is not Comfortable with the Two Aspirants from both Parties, neither its own son, “Asiwāju”, nor “Atīku” whom they Trusted not. The upcoming “Side Effects” of the Primaries that ended three weeks ago is a going to place the existing “Political Structure” under so many Clandestine Planning.

(1) The Security Agencies of the State are watching the Movements of all those who wanted to Rule this Country by Hook or Crook and their Files are being Filled with new Papers which will be used in doing what is necessary at the Right time,

(2) The Anti-Corruption Agencies (EFCC, ICPC and other Government Financial Secret Services) are equally filing the necessary Documents for what is going to Save and Serve the Country,

(3) The Military Intelligence is also on Alert as the Country is heading towards Unknown Security Challenges as the prevailing conditions of Bõko Harām insurgency, Armed Banditry, Kidnappings is escalating, with new organised ethnic Violence emanating across the country. Politicians are closely being under watch,

(4) Open and Secret Campaign by Religious Institutions, Muslim and Christian Leaders calling on top of their voices that Nigerians must open their eyes and be Cautiously Careful with the lies of the Politicians.

(5) New “Political Alliances” that will be formed in order to challenge “Asiwāju and Atīku” is another vast source of becoming a tactical Game Changer as the Campaign goes underway.

Political Analysts foresee the Amalgamation of Smaller Radical Parties whose “Flagships” are either Newborn Politicians or the old Uncompromising Elites, possibly the Cocktailing of “Kwankwaso, Hamzah Al-Mustafā” and other Local Political Elements.

These are few of the Truth of what is Concretely believed to affect the Political Transition within the coming weeks.

But above all is the unexpected, unimaginable, unplanned, unpredictable and unbelievable “Game Changer” which is going to Surprise the Whole World. There Possibly is going to be no “Democracy” again in Nigeria because of an Unknown Wave that will carry away the Power Structure. What that “Force” is going to be is only left to Almighty God. But as has been Prophesied by Pages of “Divine Texts” in Several Heavenly Scriptures, even existing Governments will Crumble, not to talk of an entirely New ones coming in. Of course all the “Signs” for the Advent of the Game Changer are on ground and shall come amidst an “Ubiquitous Trend” of illegal Killings taking place indiscriminately everywhere across towns, cities and Villages of the country. It’s not Armageddon but that of its past approaching which shall produce the Long awaited “Messiah”, the fulfilment of the Dream of all Believing Humans.

If life continues like it is now, unchecked as Corruption, Insecurity, Financial Frauds, Social Vices expands and Proliferate with every Plan of the Politicians going Smoothly. Having won the Election, formed their Governments (Federal, State and Local), Political Appointments Consummated, Friends and Families enriched, Government owned Companies and Businesses Privatized, Regional Economic Preference gearing up, nepotism growing higher, for sure the “Fear” for what lies underneath Tomorrow shall be Worse. Why? Because;

“The Silence of the Heavens is a Sign of Doom”.


The Ailing Condition of “Asiwāju” on the one hand and the Aging of “Atīku” on the other is an undeniable Fact that the Country shall Suffer a bit before seeing the Promised Land. Months ago, the “Fearless and Careless” Sokoto Preacher and Dissident, Ustāz Bello Yābo has Campaigned against electing an aged President, a Beautiful Idea to Kogi’s “Yahaya Bello”, an unattainable Younger Political Generation and a Mockery Yābo made against Buhāri’s Stewardship which he vehemently opposed.

With the new currents of “Anti-Muhammad” waves echoing around the World, “Political Placards, Posters and Pictures” are beginning to come up carrying Messages such as;

“Ko a Mulki na Musulunci, daga Muhammad sai Abūbakar”._

“Even in Islāmic Governmental and Political System, after Muhammad comes Abūbakar”.

A message purposely intended to mean, “after Muhammadu Buhāri immediately Abūbakar Atīku succeeds him”. What an Unforgivable Blasphemy.

Such Political Slogans must discontinue otherwise they will open unknown “Doors of Doom” on the Nation.

And for surety if the “Asiwāju” loses the election, there stands the possibility of a “Cessationists Movement” by those who have been clamouring for an “Oduduwa Republic”, a Cause he (Tinubu) will definitely Champion. Why, because, Tinubu was said _”Not to have Believed in One Nigeria”,_ a position he professed and declared both before and immediately after the Victory of his boss, “Late M. K. O. Abiola’s as SDP Presidential Candidate” was annulled by former Military President, “Gen. Ibrāhīm Bābangida”; What a Rebel Leader in the making.

Atīku Abūbakar will for sure never become “Rebellious” no matter the severity of circumstance, but the truth about his desperation to become a “King” will drag him to fall into the hands of “Northern Nigerian Progressive Elites” (Yan Arēwa) and into the Coterie of “Dr. Hakēem Bāba Ahmed” and Co. where he will Willingly be Financier, Supporter and Sponsor of a “Referendum” for the Regions to become Independent Countries out of the Current Federation of Nigeria. A move which definitely will Succeed this Time around taking into Cognisance how Northerners are Mercilessly Butchered, Massacred and Murdered, and their Properties destroyed in Billions in the South East. This status quo may not be conceivable to many, but Nigerians will outrightly prefer to break away from the Amalgamated Dichotomy Union of Nigeria and “Stay Safe” than to continue as one Nation with the Blood of Millions of Innocent Civilians spreadingly spilling all over, from Aba to Mubi, Lagos to Geidam, Umoahia to Gwoza, Onitsha to Nguru, Kano to Calabar, Abuja to Lagos. This was the Masterplan for a Mass Killing to dismantle the Federation where the Igbos in the North will not be Safe again as Northerners have never been safe down South even for once.


I. M. Al-Amīn©️
Kano City, Nigeria

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