Muhammad Rili Charges Nigerian Youths to Embrace Party Politics at Grassroots

AREWA AGENDA – As the Nigeria’s rulling party, All Progressive Congress (APC) commences membership registration and revalidation on 2nd February 2021, Mal. Muhammad Rili has called on Nigerians to seize the opportunity particularly the youths to register and actively involve in the political process of the country from grassroot.

Recall that the All Progressive Congress (APC) has recently released a framework on how it planned to conduct a membership registration and revalidation across 36 states of the federation including Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

Mal. Muhammad Rili noted that for political system in any democratic dispensation to be all-inclusive, the significant portion of the society must take part.

He said this will result in influencing the decision that affect the lives of the general populace and governance in it’s entirety.

In this regard, Nigerians must be encouraged to understand that in democracy, the inclusion of larger portion of society in formal political processes is important from the start, and joining political parties in Nigeria is a civic duty as it would enable the development of a stronger voice in our fragile political structure, the statement added.

He further said that for this clarion call to succeed, we must endeavor to contribute and restore democratic values to life by instituting candidates that will serve the interest of the society adequately. To this light, the membership of political parties should be given a priority in order to strengthen democracy right from the election of candidates at primaries cum lower level.

Being a card carrying member and part of a political party means that as a citizen is very likely to key opinion in to both pressing political and critical decision in Nigeria. Mal. Muhammad Rili conclusively enjoins Nigerians to be patriotic in every call of life.

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