Like Muhammad Garba like Muhyi Magaji

By Abdulmumin Giwa

AREWA AGENDA – It is more like a story of two pillars that support the Kano state government in protecting its image and dignity as well as upholding its moral status, accountability and transparency in governance.

The Correspondents Chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kano Chapter, in it’s recent Award/Appreciation Night, that took place on Saturday 28th of November 2020, was able to extract and give award of honor and excellence to two dedicated and deserving personalities. They are among the various other deserving personalities awarded, from the top class, where the deputy chief executive of the state and Nigeria’s Minister of Justice were recognised and awarded, to the lowest class where a self-appointed traffic controller, an old but dedicated man, was also recognized and given the chance to shake hands with the top executive and an automatic job with the Kano Road Traffic Agency (KAROTA) that henceforth gives him monthly income for the rest of his life.

Amidst all the great personalities recognized, these two, Comrade Muhammad Garba, the Commissioner for Information and Bar. Muhyi Magaji Rimingado the Chairman of the Public Complaint and Anti Corruption Commission (PCACC) are indeed most deserving of the awards and recognition given them by the Chapel. Such an award is indeed precious and valuable because it comes from members of the forth estate of the realm who otherwise have the power of the pen to paint them black.

Kano being a commercial nerve centre in the country and the most populous state in Nigeria is most deserving of a positive and attractive image in the eyes of those who travel from far and wide to buy and sell in Kano and conduct other transactions as well. Here Muhammad Garba has served as a shield protecting the image of the Kano state government from any ruin in the eyes of the world. He has also protected the state from all forms of tormenting turmoils that might have otherwise decimated the integrity of the ancient city as well as government and governance.

Indeed Muhammad Garba’s prowess in making the image of Kano has become a centre of attraction for a lot of states in the country whose image makers and political leaders wished they had such in their midsts.

Muhyi Magaji has removed all the initial doubts embedded in the decision to domesticate the fight against graft in the states. He now stands out as the benchmark in the fight against bribery and corruption at the states level. Other states strive to emulate from him and is recognised internationally in the field. He is worth the praises especially with his effort to further domesticate the anti graft activities in the local government areas. He is also able to place the fight against graft in the state in the new age by introducing the current IT status in the fight against corruption in the state out of his own courage and steadfastness.

While Muhammad Garba has brought the lower communities closer to government in the way he relates with them and makes them feel a sense of governance, Muhyi Magaji has given hope to the lower communities who feel they have a saviour against the oppressive acts of bullies who might be intimidating them in their communities through the way he mans the Complaint Commission as well.

Indeed the office of Muhammad Garba remains alive with all troops of people from all walks of life converging to either show allegiance to government, or to express gratitude for governance.

Muhiyi Magaji on his part as the ‘chief ear’ of complaints from the public has also created hope in government and governance among members of the public who see him as a widow where all doors might seem closed.

Muhammad Garba has exposed the public to the level of transparency in government which has in turn shot the mouths of a lot of opponents. This is indeed not an easy task.

The doggedness of Muhyi Magaji on the other hand, has helped in instilling discipline in a lot of people within and outside government whose demonic corruption plots might have been frustrated by his presence. He got to the peak that anyone in his shoes could get to by exposing leading politicians and leaders in the state and getting them prosecuted accordingly in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Indeed the duo deserve an ovation for their roles in setting exemplary paths for others to emulate due to their commitment and dedication to what they know best how to do. This has subsequently placed Kano in the lead in the country.

Certainly they might not have gotten here without the ever ready listening ear given them by their principal, His Excellency the executive governor of Kano state, Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. His own leadership prowess is what they exhibit in the ways they are perceived. The independence with which both the PCAC and the Ministry of Information are allowed to operate synergistically is what has exactly made the duo strong pillars upholding Kano state. They are indeed deserving of the award of and recognition because if others have had such opportunity given them by their principal, they would have abused it in the way they would be treating and relating with the public.

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