Kwara Political Women-In-Focus: The Chronicles Of Emerging Feminine

Kwara state and rising women profile in politics

Kwara Political Women-In-Focus: The Chronicles Of Emerging Feminine

Abdulwaheed Sofiullahi

A lot of downpours plunge into the Kwara smooth roads, newly renovated and constructed highways are showing how they are politely built. This rainy season has contrarily uncovered many things under the rays. But people do say there are no new things under the sun, right? Maybe the person, since this rainy season embarked, has not entered tax or keke-maruwa — where its roof makes passengers’ clothes allotted with water. Or the person hasn’t for once, passed Gari-Alimi road-side bridge to glimpse how water is holding many men’s legs while rushing to escape from heavy and envious rainfall.

However, In this rainy season, if you see ‘Hall-mighty’ constructed classrooms sinking, or ‘almighty’ newly renovated roads damaged. Believe me, it’s because of these watery days. Don’t tie the blame in the neck of nonentity, not even our government. They want the best for us.

Well, let’s leave that issue for another time, my concern is the giant Kwara Women who have been striving to engage in politics. Having them participate in politics helps advance gender equality and affects both the range of policy issues that get considered and the type of solutions that are proposed.

Research indicates that whether it is male or female, has a distinct impact on their policy priorities. There’s also strong evidence that as more women are elected to office, there is a corollary increase in policymaking that emphasizes quality of life and reflects the priorities of families, women, ethnic and racial minorities.

The not-too-young-to-run bill is reflected in the Governor of Kwara, that’s why he assigned a young and capable woman as the SSA youth engagement to his office. See, the Unilorin females and Kwara women who attended her 3-weeks online project tagged ‘Emerging Women In Politics’ can tell you how competent she is. The attendee told me that these three weeks of the online mentorship program, as it’s boldly written in the certificates, aimed to practice political and strategies leadership, effective communication, problem-solving, and community development. But she couldn’t acquire these in her E-certificate because of data. Data? I told her that Adeyi might forget to make provisions for that; she’s a philanthropist.

I also advised the groups that emerged winners at the program’s competition not to feel discouraged because they couldn’t later get their promised gifts. We are human beings. We easily forget things. They should forget the past and keep developing a passion for politics. The chronicles might not be too shiny, but let’s shine what tomorrow holds.

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