What is the Quality of Judgements by Sharia Court Judges in Nigeria?

What is the Quality of Judgements by Sharia Court Judges in Nigeria?

By Aliyu Nuhu

Amina Lawal was sentenced to death for adultery by stoning. The man that impregnated her was discharged and acquitted for lack of evidence. (Real funny world so who come give de woman belle na?)

A 70 years old blind man was arrested for begging but sent to prison as armed robber! He spent 2 years.( This na real wahala the judge should face firing squad)

A woman Ladidi was sentenced to 12 months in prison for abusing governor Sani Yarima in public. The judge claimed that the (former governor) was interested in the case .( Arbirariness mixed with politics Sani Yerima na devil incarnate)

Four boys were remanded in prison for taking water melon from Mada farm. They spent 6 months.( This watermelon cost not be small but dem talk say late president Yar’adua’s family owns de farm, dis people like money no be small all de one dem thief no do dem ne?)

Marazu Sani was sent to prison for 2 years because he recovered his own motorcycle from his younger brother who was not bringing returns.(Dis judge na craze man I swear he dey smoke ganja)

Hamidu Hassan was sent to prison without judgement for stealing motorcycle. The judge sentenced him by mere word of mouth!( And de crazy prison wardens complied? Haaaaaaa Banana abi sugarcane republic!)

Aliyu Musa was sentenced 5 months for stealing his uncle’s sheep and given 50 canes. The judge valued the sheep at N45,000 and sold the accused’s farm to pay the uncle. How a sheep cost 45,000 beats the mind and the judge admitted he didn’t even see the sheep. He relied on police valuation at N60,000. In normal days sheep cost about N8000 or N12000 sallah period. (So na police dey value sheep?Dis na over-carriage of justice as de uncle in question na policeman)

A man was sentenced to life for having a collision with Emir Sanusi’s car(grandfather of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) while riding a bicycle. The man spent 45 years and was only released by former governor Ibrahim shekarau in 2010! Story had it the emir used to pay the man a visit in jail which was adjacent to his palace before he was dethroned by sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna of Sokoto and Premier of Northern region who banished him from Kano( I no get comment for this one-wallahi e pass me)

For stealing a goat valued at N500 Mallam Jangebe’s hand was amputated. Ten years after Zamfara state government realised its mistake, it compensated him with a job as school messenger!

Na wa o!

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