Investing in Kannywood is better than building mosques, Islamiyya schools–Momoh

Popular Kannywood actor, Aminu Sheriff says it is better to invest in the Hausa movie industry than to build mosques or Islamiyya schools.

The actor, also known as Momoh, said the benefits of investing in the Kannywood film industry are far greater than spending on building mosques or Islamiyya schools.

This, he added, is because the Hausa film industry contributes immensely in shaping the moral and cultural values of the society.

Daily Focus reports that Mr Sheriff made the comments last Wednesday while featuring on ‘Barka da Hantsi, programme featured on Freedom Radio.

“Presently, it is far better to invest in developing the (Kannywood) film industry than to spend funds on building mosques or Islamiyya schools due to the huge benefits that can be drawn from supporting the film industry,” the actor was quoted as saying.

He called on wealthy philanthropists to support the Kannywood industry in the same way they support orphanages and other groups that need financial assistance.

Mr Sheriff noted that those who invest in the movie industry can decide which kind of movies they want to be produced in order to promote the cultural values of the Hausa society.

According to him, funds from Zakkah (charity) should be allocated for production of valuble Hausa movies, adding that whoever gives the funds would be rewarded even in death when people watch the content that was produced.


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