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Intellectualism and the Battle Between boko Aqida and Boko Sana’a

Intellectualism and the Battle Between boko Aqida and Boko Sana’a

Intellectualism; and the Battle Between boko Aqida and Boko Sana’Sana’a

By Abdulrahman Yunusa

AREWA AGENDA – Verily, none with a saner and discerning mind will doubt the vigour, authenticity and the highest level of the revered intellectualism of the dual mighty camps who are often at the verge of educating the world of both offline and online ( cyber space ) with their innate blessings of both western education and that of the holy religious one.

Perhaps It seriously sounds somewhat implausible to notice that the two intellectual camps which is full of qualitative and polymaths intellectuals are playing the dirty affairs of blaming games, name calling, labelling, slander and above casting innuendos as well as derogatory remarks amongst themselves. Its too appalling and extremely unwelcoming ideas to be describing your friends with such ugly names eg ” Yan dadi Arna, Yan Dadi Jihadi, Extremist, Yan Boko Aqida or even Yan Boko Sana’a “, to be frank it hurts our minds seeing you doing this naughty business.

It must probably hurl the mind and intensively wound the cognitive capacity of any avid knowledge/Truth seeker when they cast their eyes on the hot unending baseless rivalry between the duo. Because that will forcibly force them to lose the interest and give up on their journey toward gaining treasure of light, truth and knowledge .for it has been said that a knowledge searcher shouldn’t be limiting himself to a specific edge where someone has designed to him/her because there is more in abundance of knowledge outside the demarcation to which he/she was restricted to.

And it appears to be unblurred fact that there is an explicable thin line between knowledge and ignorance, Literacy and illiteracy, light and darkness and black and whites. So its indisputable fact that is by the virtue of existentiality of those glittering diamonds we amidst us we come to know the real caricature of the world of knowledge and by their immeasurable contribution we are still exploring the oblivious stuffs about ourselves and the society we are living in.

However, the ongoing callous rivalry whichs lasted for several decades within the definite jury of the dual respective camps is really serving as a barrier to knowledge against all learners minds. And for that we consider this scenario as a genuine abominable and extremely painful thing to ever happened to the face and hearts of each and every lover of the sacred light of knowledge, for to them ( Knowledge lovers ), the existence of those two conflictual dominions will be drawing a scary image to their toddling hearts which full of yearn and whims of gathering the bounty treasured stuffs of knowledge. Because the incessant combat won’t allow their minds to cross the boarder of each camp to fetch what they are in need of to the vast oceans situated theirin both giant camps.

Please, set our psyche free to grab and understand the holy knowledge of Qur’an and Bible, to decipher the sacred science therein and let us dive in the ocean of theological aspects to which through it we will fathom many religious matters and incidences succinctly. Meanwhile, give us the greater chance of indulging ourselves in to the world of Art and Science and make a thorough scrutiny upon the physical and metaphysical nature of this gorgeous world thereby picking the scientific facts and enjoy the conducive atmosphere and the exhilir of the artistic world which we can use to quench the thirsty of our infants souls.

At this very juncture, I found it inevitable to wrap my innocent face with pieces of murky rags and ferously talk to the worthless gang of dullards ( Atheist ) who always appeared to be charlatans and self acllaimed intellectuals on the basis of intruding in to the family matters, well I called it personal matters because we are all religious people, we believe in the existence of the holy omnipresent God and the only problems we are facing is not that much for its only the matter of differences in opinions, stances and understanding of divergent phenomena. Nothing more and nothing less. And it’s not faulty thing to naturally have differences in opinions and understanding because even our creator has created us differently and with different hearts and with different level of understanding. So it’s not a big deal . please, Stop ignitig the fire of vicious fight and unabated hatered amog us, let us thrive with our brothers in peace. I beg you in the name of ” Nature ” because I can see you guys only respect this creature more than anything in your life.

Finally, I want to advise our mentors as well as teachers who happens to be the lamp which fantastically enlighten our ways to embrace their differences and to set all the personal grudges aside, keep selling us golden your ideas, keep feeding us with your magnificent and alluring treasures which if we find it absolutely melt our hearts in to nostalgic and joyful form. And please, let the issue of name calling games be a bygone issue, let’s romance peace for God sake and keep telling the truth to your respective camps without tackling the other camps outthere. And with regards to the issue of extremism and fanaticism is something relative, meaning everyone has a particular perception of it and it appears all that in true sense everyone is extremist depending on the area they found themselves.

Until when the mind is at ease and thriving in solace, then knowledge will get a free obstructive access to man cerebrum.

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