A Heartwarming Tale of Two Journalists Who Tied the Knot in Zaria

MD and Shaheeda

A Heartwarming Tale of Two Journalists Who Tied the Knot in Zaria

By ElhassanTeem Quaran Mata

AREWA AGENDA – Over the weekend, My brother Dahiru Mohammed Lawal, Head Fact checking unit of PR Nigeria, an award winning and one of the upcoming and promising young journalists in Northern Nigeria got married to his sweetheart, another promising journalist from Zaria, Kaduna state.

Sometimes last year, we paid him a visit in his office in Abuja, and he was on a phone call with Amarya, he told her he’d attend to us and get back to her, but during the course of our conversation, she called 2 more times, and each time, he picks, talk to her for few minutes then remind her that he’s still with us and he’d call back. It was a beautiful moment for me. Love one tin tin…

For some people, they might be rude, or Nag or complain that she called back even though he said he’d call back, but MD would always listen to her, talk to her, address whatever it’s that made her call back and then remind her he’s still with us. I was impressed.

After the last call, he told us something and i quote; “you know, at first, i used to think I’ll not get married anytime soon, because i used to believe I cannot find a girl that can match my energy, fit into my wild dreams and also have interest in things i have interest. I told myself it’ll be difficult to find such a woman, especially in northern Nigeria. But i kept my hope alive. Then suddenly i met her, and she came with same amount of energy, in fact sometimes i try to catch up her energy, her vibes matched mine, the energy and everything, and i felt more alive after meeting her. Since then, my life has never been the same, i talk to her every and every time, and there’s no boring moment, every day, her love grow in me, and at some point i ask myself, what will life be like without her?”

I listened to MD with keen interest, that was indeed beautiful, and we all laughed and spoke about relationships, women, men, politics, development space, Arewa, journalism, Africa, some African dishes and economies and alot of other things.

MD Lawal and Shaheeda

Last Friday, MD’s dream of marrying his soul mate got fulfilled, i pray Almighty Allah bless this great union, grant them peace, wealth, success, patience and more love.

Cheers šŸ„‚ to Forever.

Lawan Bukar Maigana, don’t say piiiimmmmmm… šŸ˜‚

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