Hausa Fulani coalition in Taraba state has disassociate itself from recent endorsement of Sen. Bwacha.

Hausa Fulani coalition in Taraba state has disassociate itself from recent endorsement of Sen. Bwacha.

The coalition of hausa fulani social cultural groups in taraba state has disassociate itself from the recent endorsement of senator bwacha by an unknown group in the Taraba state.

The coalition held a press conference in which it made it position known to journalist and attended by various Fulani and Hausa groups, the said the are not of the group that endorsed bwacha and urged the general public to disregard the purported endorsement.
The statement continues…


After due consultation and deliberations by the various socio-cultural groups in the state and to have agreed to issue a communiqué to debunk such calamity

Therefore; we have gathered here today been 8th January,22, at Taraba Motel, Jalingo, to categorically clear the air and state our positions as a genuine and true Hausa Fulani Socio-Cultural Group in the State, without any fear of contradiction or regret.

Our attentions have been drawn on the purported endorsement of Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha, on 2nd, January, 22, where some local, national daily and other social media handles carried the news of the purported and kangaroo endorsement by some rented mischief and unscrupulous elements of Youths Groups, in the name of so-called Hausa Fulani Youth Group.

In the light of this, we the coalition of Hausa Fulani Socio-Cultural Groups in Taraba State, write to debunk such purported endorsement and disassociates ourselves from that unwarranted kangaroos endorsement of Sen. Bwacha, in the name of Hausa Fulani of Taraba State.

We therefore, call on the general public to disregard such purported and misguided information from those rented unidentified youths.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of clarity and to serve as a sound warning to the so-called group and in anyway we are not stopping the so-called group from supporting whoever they may wish to support but never in their life to generalized issues in the name of Hausa Fulani in Taraba State.

Furthermore, we wish to let the general public know that, those people are not in any way representing the interest of Hausa Fulani in Taraba State and we are urging them to write and apologize to Hausa Fulani Nation with immediate effect.

Unfortunately, those youths thought we will soon forget the political antecedent of Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha in Taraba, who created un-countless confusions and acrimony within the state and many more.

If you may recall vividly, in 2015, the same Sen. Bwacha said Hausa Fulani have no any political relevancy in Taraba State and described them as migrants, thus; he mastermind the polarization of Taraba politic into ethno-religion sentiment, enmity and hatred among the peace loving people of Taraba. What we expected from Sen. Bwacha and his allies is to apologies to Hausa Fulani Race in Taraba State.

In our experiment, and understanding Sen. Bwacha lack the moral values, focal and formidable ground to aspire for Governor in Taraba State been a sentimental and segregational type. Who hide under the umbrella of religion to achieve his selfish goals.

Meanwhile, having made all these clarifications, we are using this medium to appreciate the Executive Governor of Taraba State, Architect, Darius Dickson Ishaku (The Rescue Captain) for bringing peace and unity among the Hausa Fulani and other tribes in the State. And we are also commending him for his laudable achievements in the areas of peace building and provision of developmental projects in the state such as, 5 million liters of Ultra-Modern Water Supply project in Jalingo, construction of fly-over, pedestrian bridges and 18 kilometers dual carriage Way, employments opportunities for youths in the state, provision of operational vehicles to security agencies, drilling of Boreholes and many more developmental strides in all the nooks and crannies of Taraba state.

More so, we want to urge the good people of Taraba state to continue with the optimal support and cooperation that they do accord to the governor at all times.

Lastly, we wish to advice the members of the general public to be wary of such mischief makers and sponsored agents that are bent on causing confusion among us for some selfish reasons.

Thank you all and God bless us. Amen.
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long live Taraba State
Long live Coalition of Hausa Fulani Socio-Cultural Group