Meet Hafsat Jumare, Lady Who Develops Platform That Links Startup Businesses to World Markets

Meet Hafsat Jumare, Lady Who Develops Platform That Links Startup Businesses to World Markets

AREWA AGENDA – A young enterprising lady in Kaduna State has developed a digital platform that can link startup businesses particularly in Northern Nigerian with bigger markets around the world.

Hafsah Jumare, a behavioral economist and Chief Executive Officer of CoAmana founded the platform called Amana Market App which according to her will help reduce poverty in Northern Nigeria.
She said that the platform will facilitate greater market access and linkages for agricultural boriented startups, help businesses diversify their market opportunities and thus mitigate their risk.

According to her, “There is significant evidence to show that small businesses need a combination of tools to succeed, which include capital, business and technical skills, and market access.
Therefore, my team and I set out to develop a platform to put the market, capital and knowledge at the fingertips of small businesses.”

Acknowledging that there are several tech innovations in the Agricultural sector, she is of the opinion that adopting and understanding new technologies by farmers is a major problem.

“People need to start being creative in how they communicate value to farmers and to test several possible solutions to see which works best for which populations.” She quipped.

In emphasising the importance of Technology for startups, she said, it can make start-ups more visible, It can also help them to manage themselves better. Startups are now easily able to see what their competitors around the world are doing and also figure who best to target for investment or collaboration.

While calling on young people to be enterprising in order to create jobs that will absorb unemployment in the country, Jumare said, “Our best graduates end up working in government organizations which limit their capacity to innovate.”

She noted that what makes the Amana App unique is its creative business model that enables it to offer services to small businesses for free.

Amana Market is an online platform where small businesses can market themselves for free as well as access necessary services like logistics, capital, and knowledge to help them build themselves.