GUEST COLUMN: “War on Truth”

Salisu Mubarak Muhammad

GUEST COLUMN: “War on Truth”

By Salisu Mubarak Muhammad

AREWA AGENDA – Many centuries ago, philosophers of global repute, thinkers and well-meaning individuals across human communities formulated theories, concepts, and divergent meaning (especially metaphysical and semantic versions) and criteria of truth mainly in-relation to socio-political, economic and spiritual well-being of all human beings.

In a greater sense, though this article should have briefly been restricted within the context of philosophy but, entirely incorporates other aspects of human curiosity with regard to truth and general aspirations. “As dogmatists fail to understand women, so they fail to understand truth.”

Some of us are shamelessly arrogated themselves to an infallible position of not only knowing all, but doing the best at the best possible time of every incidence.

In a nutshell, the so-called “Self-Made Scholars” imbibed the unpopular culture of parading twisted issues to mislead in the name of truth. Undoubtedly, they are mini Gods and Saints to whomever upholds foolishness and selfishness as the only both criteria and theory of truth.

However, correspondence theory that is entirely based on realism is often traced back to Platonic conception of truth and it was said to have widely promoted by Aristotle (384BC-322BC), Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951) and the rest.

While both pragmatists and coherence theories have variously been acknowledged as the product of 19th Century that advocated anti-realism and open up more chances in the realm of philosophy. In addition, Post-Modernists upheld the conception that truth is “relative to a linguistics community that shares the same narrative.”

Therefore, the quest for truth is unavoidable global concern that is deeply rooted in human natural curiosity but, the question adamantly remains on the existence of truth. Whether one believes in transcendent or perspectival truth, but the dynamism in human character alerts our sub-conscious power especially in a globalized world with digital social platforms.

Generally, digital social platforms generate more suspicious tendencies mainly on individual basis, ceaseless direct confrontation and war between friendly communities, and high level erosion of morality and ethics.

As I share the same view with others that “it is easy to start a war. But a war is like a bush fire which once it starts flares up and spreads. You do not know where it will end.” No one possesses the most ultimate capacity to exercise full control over human management and public views. War of whatever disguise is really terrible and frustrating.

Frankly, politics as a game of courage that goes with sophisticated propaganda for anyone’s advantage, measures the space of heart, balances the vastness of choice, deepens human relation and affirms heritage and identity. Weaker minds and characters reject political participation let alone contesting for an election but they dearly aspired being appointed into political offices. They deny the existence of truth in any political rumor but shamelessly affirm its existence in their dogmatic selfish agenda and hypocritical academic “objectivity.”
On the existence of truth, one is either for the realism or for the anti-realism. Neither I intend to impose nor am I to convince anyone of us for any certain idea. But the choice is here and decision is personal.

Let us take a stand here that Human Rights must be all encompassing thereby no one is left behind. However, the world is still searching for truth and no one has the knowledge that whether the light of truth would be found in our lifetime.

Salisu Mubarak Muhammad DANGWAGWARMAYA (ANGON KUMBOTSO) House of Representatives Candidate, 2023 Kumbotso Federal Constituency, Kano State. [email protected]

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