Northern Youth Group Tasks FG to Block Sexual, Immoral Sites in Nigeria

AREWA AGENDA – The Arewa Youth Consultative Council, AYCC, has asked the Federal Government to quickly intervene in blocking sexual and immorally related sites in the Nigerian cyber space.

This, according to the group was part of the resolution reached in it’s Zoom webinar themed: The Impact and Challenges of Technology and Modernization to Arewa Youths: A Call for Seldom Reflection, which attracted the participation of it’s Zonal Coordinators, State Coordinators, Intellectual Youths and Members from all Northern states.

In a statement signed by it’s National Director of Media and Communications, Hon. Muhammad Ibrahim Milb, and addressed to the Honorable Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, the group observed that the move is essential in order to sanitize the reckless misbehavior and continuous immoral engagements among youths for sustainable development and progress of our societies.

“kindly enforce strict monitoring and policies that’ll be removing contents as well as moral policy that will discourage our youths from visiting phonographic sites. Individuals that may refuse to comply should be fined in millions and companies be charged billions because this issue in question is a greater threat facing our present and future. For example, in 2019 China had closed 733 websites and “cleaned up” 9,382 mobile apps related to illegal gambling apps and those used for illegal purposes than social media.

“We’re confident that your intervention can greatly block or cripple the emerging new order of indecency, immorality and increasing cases of sexual behaviors, sexualized interactions, immoral communication, exposure to pornography, online dating and other social ills. This is sacrosanct as the phenomena is growing rapidly everyday. We must do something as a nation that believe in Christianity and Islam, even though we claim to be secular, yet no religion or culture, tribe or section of Nigerians can justify the incestuous exposure of our youths to sexual contamination.

“We Must do something now to avoid future catastrophe, from chronic exposure to online pornography, rape and sexual assaults, increased risk of sexually transmitted Diseases, unwanted pregnancies and the possibility of becoming a lost society.

“We must create means to force the Service providers to protect Nigerians from content involving things like phonograph, violence, terrorism, cyber-immorality etc. Let these harmful content be removed quickly or take steps to prevent it appearing in the first place.” The group said.

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