#EndSARS: Why I Joined Protest In North – Popular Hausa Singer, Nazifi Asnanic, Speaks on Security, Buhari, Kwankwaso, Other Issues

#EndSARS: Why I Joined Protest In North – Popular Hausa Singer, Nazifi Asnanic, Speaks on Security, Buhari, Kwankwaso, Other Issues

AREWA AGENDA – Nazifi Asnanic is a household name in Kannywood Industry and his name needs no introduction especially in the music genre in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Popular for his unique style of singing which bothers around insights on way of life and Social issues, Nazifi in this exclusive interview with Arewa Agenda’s Hannatu Suleiman Abba, Zainab Nasir Ahmad, Amina Adam Yusuf and Mohammad Dahiru Lawal spilled the beans on what inspired his foray into Music, why he joined protest in the Northern part of the country, his views on President Muhammadu Buhari, Insecurity and other social issues bedeviling the region.

Arewa Agenda: Let us start with a little introduction. Can you tell us who you are?

Asnanic: I am by name Nazifi Abdulsalam Yusuf popularly known as Nazifi Asnanic. I write and sing music of different category.

Arewa Agenda: What inspired you into the music industry and you even gotten really good at it?

Asnanic: The truth is I came to realise that music is a medium through which you can pass a message. Message not only in your locality but the world at large so I gave it a shot and by the grace of Allah I exceled. So that was my inspiration.

Arewa Agenda: From the beginning of your career in music, have you sang any song that made a difference?

Asnanic: All praise is to Allah, there is a song titled ‘Dawo Dawo’ which change the political mindset of citizens in Kano and also another titled ‘Dije’ which I sang alongside my friend Ali Jita concerning girl child education which really made a difference.

Arewa Agenda: With your background, can we call you a topnotch member of the Kannywood industry?

Asnanic: Certainly.

Arewa Agenda: What is the situation of Kannywood today as an industry?

Asnanic: Kannywood as an industry comprises both musicians and film actors as well as those that work with any of the duos as such, I can say that Kannywood is a place where one could earn a living. Piracy has been an issue with the industry but with the advent of technology and means to market the product on the web and complimented by help from the government, the problem is gradually getting under control.

Nazifi Abdulsalam Yusuf (Asnanic)

Arewa Agenda: As recently as two weeks ago due to the situation we found ourselves, you were seen amidst protesters that came out to show their rage on things happening in the country especially in northern Nigeria. Please can you tell us why you decided to join the protest?

Asnanic: As a northerner I had every right to come out, I see no reason why I shouldn’t. I am a true nationalist because I don’t think there is any country I can find peace of mind like Nigeria especially the north because I was born and breed there. So seeing anyone lacking the basic things I had growing up makes me furious as such I had to join the protest to show my support as a proud northerner. What bothers me is the fact that whilst coming out to show your support as a proud northerner, some individuals whom are supposed to be amongst you show displeasure or even disrupt the process making you wonder what these set of people really want not only for the North but even or the nation at large.

Arewa Agenda: What can you say concerning the situation of the North today?

Asnanic: In my opinion I think we have to start my praying seriously because we are in a serious mess and when situations get out of hand you just need to go back to Allah. In our condition today we can’t or shouldn’t wait for the government to do all for us, just like Mr. President said sometimes ago “change begins with me”. I believe if we hold onto this and start taking proactive measures towards changing our attitudes we shall salvage the situation.

Arewa Agenda: What can you say about your political affiliation. There are rumours that you are with senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso while other are even saying you have a stack at the Federal level. What can you say about this?

Asnanic: As a citizen of this great nation, a nation practicing democracy I believe I have a role to play so, I will be lying if I say I don’t partake in political activities. Regards to my support to the distinguished senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, that is right I am in support of him due to some of his character and characteristics which I find worthy of my support. Then at the federal level it is also true that I showed support to Mr. President because I had high hopes in him and you will agree with me that most Nigerians to did. So if he has changed overnight I can say it is expected since human is dynamic by nature.

Arewa Agenda: As regards to youths do you see any forthcoming problem or prospect?

Asnanic: As we know it, youths are the back bone of every society. If I should gather the youths and tell them we can achieve what our leaders didn’t, you would be amazed at their response because they will prefer to get a little penny and start international trade than put their hands on deck for a better society. But I foresee issues in the future if youths do not wake up from their slumber and take part in politics.

Arewa Agenda: How do you see women in the industry (kannywood), is there any contribution they bring forth along with increase in their number especially now that they are allowed to join more than ever.

Asnanic: Your question is a bit tricky, but first you have to ask the question why do they come into the industry? In most cases you find them joining the industry because of poverty, as a result of fleeing from early marriage and what have you. If such narratives are acted as movies, I believe this will bring transformation to the industry and that of their consumers of their product.

Arewa Agenda: Is there any call to government on the issues happening especially in the north through music?

Asnanic: Of course there are and there have always been an appeal to them. The issue is not just calling onto them, but their response is also paramount.

Arewa Agenda: As a youth and a celebrated one at that, what advice do you have for your fellow celebrities to ensure that they open up their voices on the condition on ground for a better Nigeria especially the northern region?

Asnanic: Like I said youths are the majority in the music industry so I urge them to spare time and release music albums which relates to the condition of the people in the north. I am positive as soon as this is done we are going to see things turning around. This is my advice to my fellow celebrities and I hope they will comply.

Arewa Agenda: Of the categories of song you sing, which do you prefer and why?

Asnanic: I cherish all category it all depends on which one I am working on at a particular time.

Arewa Agenda: How do you see the music industry in the next ten years or what do you hope to see?

Asnanic: I will hope to see the industry promoting more of music that educate the populous rather than music that promote romance as it is currently doing. I see this happening soon as musicians are now shifting grounds.

Arewa Agenda: What do you have in stock for upcoming artist?

Asnanic: Like always I advise upcoming artist not to limit themselves to romantic music as there are other options they could explore.

Arewa Agenda: We have heard your opinion on several issues now let us digress. What is your favourite meal?

Asnanic: The meal I like best are Rice and beans and Alkubus.

Arewa Agenda: What are your hobbies?

Asnanic: I like sports especially table tennis and football.

Arewa Agenda: What about your favourite colour?

Asnanic: Green is my favourite.

Arewa Agenda: Thank you for your time

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