On Criminalisation of the Fulani Race

On Criminalisation of the Fulani Race

By Musa Sufi

No doubt Nigeria is currently at the cross roads as far as security of lives and prosperty goes. While the North East has in the past been the butt of gruesome invasions and heartless elimination by Boko Haram, the North West is today baring a brunt of Banditry and Kidnappings across strategic areas of it’s spread.

However, since the beginning of this crime against humanity, one race has always been scapegoated in media narratives which in turn reflects on the people’s beliefs – the Fulani race.

No doubt a fragment of the entire population of the Fulani race has taken up arms against the people and it’s government, the activities of this very few does not suffice any rational mind to view the Fulani’s with a criminal lens.

Fulani people are among the most smartest and intelligent tribes in the world.

The few and minority criminals among them cannot be a reason to profile Fulani the entire race as bandits.

It is imminent that we look at the dynamics of all the criminal activities happening around us.

Criminals like thieves in the Nigerian state from inside the government to communities are all criminals across tribes and religions, no race attached to this.

Similarly, the suppliers of arms and dangerous informants of banditry activities including beneficiaries of the acts politically or otherwise are also from various groups outside Fulani race alone.

It’s time to speak the language of justice and fairness while addressing criminals as the actors involved various stakeholders including traditional leaders and more.

May God destroy all the people involved in the current insecurity in Nigeria, from heartless criminals, sponsors, informants, beneficiaries, and all related stakeholders in the crime.

Musa Sufi, a development writer, writes from Kano

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