COVID-19: Declare Partial Lockdown Now, ACJHR Tells FG

By Jonathan Nda- Isaiah,

AREWA AGENDA- The African Centre for Justice and Human Rights (ACJHR) has noted that the Federal Government is gradually losing the control of the spread of COVID-19 infection in the country with the rate at which the figures are increasing daily.

Subsequently, the group posited that it is time for the government to declare a nationwide partial lockdown to avoid further large scale exposure to the virus.

According to a statement by the Executive Director of ACJHR, Barr. Nduka-Edede Chinwendu added that it is of concern that the death toll due to the virus is also increasing.

She explained that if the FG fails to act fast, there is a tendency for the death-tolls to get out of hand.

She said “To tackle the continuous widespread exposure of the virus, we recommend the implementation of the following measures by the FG;

“First, we call on the FG to rescind his decision to reopen schools on January 18, 2021. While the FG might have the best intention regarding reopening schools, this intention is outweighed by the increasing death tolls rate. Consequently, we advised that the FG suspend school resumption until when it is safer.

“Second, it is also crucial for the FG to put measures in place to strictly enforce protocols released to curtail the further spread.

“Overall, the FG should also quickly consider banning burials, weddings, political gatherings, and other events capable of attracting crowds. Such gatherings are in clear breach of social distancing, one of the non-pharmaceutical measures to stop the spread.

“In conclusion, according to Chapter II of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution (As amended), the FG’s primary purpose to her citizenry is that of security and welfare.

“To achieve this, it must keep her citizens safe and far from harms-way by complying to the highlighted recommendations,” she added.

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