Terrorism in the North is Grand Conspiracy to Destabilise Region- Sardaunan Agadez

AREWA AGENDA – The Sarkin Hausawan Duniya (Emir of the Hausa World);

The Sardaunan Agadez

A traditional title holder and Sardaunan Agadez, Dr. Abdulkadir Ahmed Labaran Koguna has disclosed that the terrorism activity in Northern Nigeria is a grand conspiracy to dislocate the region Nigeria.

Dr. Koguna who is also the Sarkin Hausawan Duniya stated that the conspiracy involves pitching the various ethnicities that makes up the North against each other in order to disempower the region and diminish its glory.

Dr. Koguna who spoke in Hausa while granting exclusive audience to Arewa Agenda noted that the North was hitherto progressive and united region with Hausa as its umbrella tongue until Boko Haram was created in Borno a predominantly Kanuri land before it snowballed into other activities including cattle rustling and banditry in various areas of the North such as Katsina, Jibia, Sokoto, Southern Kaduna among others.

According to him, the senseless killings are deliberately instigated by enemies of progress within and outside the country to discredit Northern leaders from highest positions in future.

He said, “The Hausas are killing the Kanuris and vise versa in the name of Boko Haram, the Fulanis are killing the Hausas and vice versa in the name of Kidnappings, likewise other ethnic groups in the North. Look at what is happening in southern Kaduna. If you turn to cattle rustling,  who are the owners of cattle, it’s the Fulanis. Now Fulanis will go and kill Hausas, Hausas will Kill Fulani despite the fact that we are all under the zo umbrella in the wazobia maxim not to mention that these two groups has so fused into each other that they are known as Hausa/Fulani. Now aggregate these killings and you will see that all these ethnicities have kiled themselves countlessly.”

Speaking on the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari, Dr. Koguna said, “Whether you like it or not Buhari is a man of integrity, people are criticizing him for turning a blind eye to the corrupt practices of his appointees, but for someone to have been Head of State, Governor, Minister, PTF Chairman and  with no corruption charges to nail him on, I think Buhari in my perspective is a saint.

“Now he is just a figure head because we know the people who are in charge of steering this country and it is not Buhari. All these killings are instigated by a section of this country and on their wisdom, they create insecurity so that the North can hate Buhari and fail to back a Northern Muslim candidate in future. Now as a result of this grand plan, progress and development has eluded the North..

While urging the Arewa Agenda team to be steadfast against all odds, Dr. Koguna commended their efforts as a Publication of young writers from Northern Nigeria working towards Peaceful Coexistence and National Development through positive narratives, using Media Action, Advocacy and Stakeholder engagement as a tool ensure positive change comes to the region and the Nation at large.

He seized the opportunity to invite the general public to the World Hausa Day (Ranar Hausa ta Duniya) which will be taking place on Wednesday, 26th August 2020 at the Emir of Rano’s Palace in Kano where alot of Hausa culture will be on display.

Some of the Arewa Agenda crew along with the Sardauna


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