Community Blames NDLEA Operatives for Drowned Youths in Kano

AREWA AGENDA – Residents of Kurmawa Community in Kofar Dan Agundi area of Kano have accused operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, for being complicit over the drowning to death of a 22-year-old young man, Khalifa Munnir Ado and his friend.

According to accounts by residents of the area, the young man and his friend had reportedly gone to watch the recruitment of special marshals of the Kano Road Traffic Agency, KAROTA, which was going on in Rumfa College – opposite the community – with the hope of being recruited when NDLEA operatives swooped in on them and they scampered for cover.

It was in the process of running away that some of them fell into the pond, unfortunately for Khalifa and his friend who couldn’t swim they drowned to death.

Father of the deceased, Mannir Ado

Speaking to Arewa Agenda, the father of the deceased, Munnir Ado, a staff of Jigawa State Judiciary, alleged that it was in the process of taking a beating by the operatives that they fell into the pond.

“When they fell in, the firewood seller nearby kept pleading with the operatives to allow him rescue them from drowning but they threatened to shoot if he dares come close. The body of my son’s friend was recovered yesterday, and my son was recovered this morning after an intense search,” he narrated.

He revealed that the deceased was a student of Computer Science at the School of Technology, SOT, Kano.

However, when questioned on the matter, the firewood seller declined to comment and even denied knowledge of any incidence.

Meanwhile, residents of the area insist the incidence is a recurring one.

“Anytime they come here, they kill and dump bodies of them victims in the pond. Sometimes we recover bodies with matchet cuts and so on. There have been at least fifteen of such incidences recently,” a resident of the area alleged.

Also speaking the Community Head, Hamza Aminu, confirmed the incidence stating that patrol around the area is a routine but he cannot confirm or deny complicity of the NDLEA.

“Usually when they come for routine operation, there are incidence of young men falling into the pond and drowning in the process,” he said.

Recovered body of the deceased Khalifa Mannir Ado

When contacted, Spokesperson of the NDLEA, Kano Command, Sani Dan Wawu, denied knowledge of the development.

“I have been sick for about four days now, so I cannot confirm anything to you. But if you are in Kano, you know how notorious that area is for drug abuse and operatives cannot just raid them without intel,” he said.

However, checks by Arewa Agenda indicated that despite denial of knowledge, the Spokesman had yesterday interacted with some colleague reporters on the matter.

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