Closer to Your Dreams; Avoiding a Lifetime of Excuses By Bolaji Seyi


AREWA AGENDA – The funny thing about waiting for tomorrow is that tomorrow never comes. The truth is, nobody has ever seen or been in tomorrow. Does that sound strange to you? It shouldn’t.


You see, tomorrow becomes today before you even get to it. When the clock ticks past twelve, you can no longer call it tomorrow. If you follow through on what I ha’ve said so far, you should have ideas on what I am about to say next. Waiting for tomorrow is waiting for a day that never comes. I mean, I’m not telling you something new. I’m just reminding you of what you already know but for some reason, have chosen to ignore.


I think one of the reasons we ignore this fact is that it is a helpful alibi for making excuses. Get over it. If you keep waiting for tomorrow, you will grow grey hairs on your dream and still not come anywhere close to achieving them. Worse, you might end up frustrated in your old age. And you don’t have to talk to ten old people to figure that regret is the biggest source of frustration for an octogenarian.


You are more likely to regret what you didn’t do than what you did.


You see, excuses always translates into mediocrity. Before you know, the seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, the hours become days, days become weeks, weeks become months, months become years and years become decades, and decades become a lifetime of excuses.


You don’t want to ruin your life with excuses. Eliminate all the excuses you have carved out for not making the changes that you know deep down will take you closer to your dreams.

Procrastination is a threat. The more you wear it, the more it tears you down. It destroys and dumps you in the same position for years.


Remember what you said you were going to do in some years ago? Of course you do! Can you still remember how you pushed it to the coming years? Now, it’s another year and you still haven’t done it.

Can you see what procrastination has done to you? Take a moment and think about what you would have achieved if you followed through on your plans and didn’t procrastinate. Yeah, go ahead and think about it.


Did you think about how better off you would have been if you didn’t procrastinate? Did you imagine how much more you could have achieved if you hit that goal and moved onto the next? How do you feel about this? You are definitely not happy, right? Now I want you to pour all that feeling into achieving your goals instead of beating yourself down.


Tomorrow is beautiful. I know but tomorrow is only a promise and today is all you have. Make the most use of it.

Bolaji Seyi

Kaduna Young Journalists Association (KAYOJA) 15th July,2020


Arewa Agenda is a Publication of young writers from Northern Nigeria towards peaceful coexistence and national development through positive narratives.


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