Can this be True on Yekini Amoda Bola Tinubu?

Bola Tinubu

Can this be True on Yekini Amoda Bola Tinubu?

Ahmed Bola Tinubu’s real name is: Yekini Amoda Ogunlere from Iragbiji Osun State.

AREWA AGENDA – That much is what is contained in his Primary and Secondary school certificates and probably that’s why he has refused to tender them before INEC.

This whole ‘brouhaha’ is needless. I recommend Ola Rotimi’s classic play – ‘The Gods Are Not To Blame’ for everyone who hasn’t read it. There is a divine pre-destination in the affairs of men. That’s the major thrust of that play. And I’m convinced that is what is playing out on the subject matter of BAT.

Not many indigent ‘homeless’ hustler from Iragbiji, could have strayed into Lagos, served as house boy – with a woman (Abibatu Mogaji) – who, moved by the young boy’s diligence and tenacity of purpose to overcome the circumstances of his biological extraction; adopted him for a son, and compelled her brother – a relatively senior police officer and later a successful Lawyer – Kafaru Tinubu – to assist the struggling boy to ‘integrate’ into the illustrious Tinubu family of Lagos Island (at the instance of the all powerful Abibat – who held political sway in Lagos for Awolowo’s Action Group) by transmitting into the identity of her deceased niece – Bola Tinubu; Kafaru’s first child who was billed to travel to USA for further studies – with an extant visa – before her unfortunate premature death.

He travelled with her Visa and identity to start a life for himself in America. He spent the first couple of years attending extra – mural classes to access the prequisite preliminary qualifications necessary and precedent to entrance into Chicago State University. He passed in flying colours under the auspices of his adopted new identity, proceeded to study and pass out of CSU in flying colours, worked with top notch global brands like Deloitte etc, succeeded in attaining permanent stay status in USA (Green card) and – forever mindful of his humble antecedents – integrated his birth name (Amuda) into his new identity as Ahmed.

He came back to Nigeria to work for Mobil and retired voluntarily as Treasurer (Finance Controller).

One thing strikes me about him. And that’s his loyalty to his roots. He trained Oyetola, present Governor of Osun State, his nephew, being son to his eldest Sister; and took him out of poverty.

But beyond his attachment to his Iragbiji roots, he’s been all the more faithful , grateful and loyal to his Lagos ‘destiny helpers’; raising Abibatu to National reckoning before her death in old age, and empowering Kafaru’s children beyond their wildest imagination.

Wale Tinubu today heads OANDO Plc – at his instance, Fola Tinubu (another of Kafaru’s children) heads PRIMETO TRANSPORT SERVICES – that runs the Lagos BRT system. This is just to mention a few. His path crossed Babatunde Raji Fashola’s while the latter was working in the chambers of his adopted ‘Uncle’ Kafaru.

BRF, as a young turk in the Kafaru Tinubu & Co. Chambers, was also perhaps the best friend and alter ego of Wale Tinubu. So he literally handed the governance of Lagos to the Kafaru Tinubus. What loyalty and discipline! Not many people could have remained so grateful, loyal and dedicated to his ‘helpers’?

The Rashidi Ladojas and Seyi Makindes of contemporary statements on how relative success and power can derail loyalty to one’s ‘destiny helpers’. People can say whatever they like about this unique guy – BAT.

But me – I see his trajectory over time as divinely inspired. He’s never taken a wrong foot politically. That can only be divine. And for all you care, he might even be a tool in the hands of the gods to rework and restructure Nigeria. Who knows? He who the gods love, let no man loathe.

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