Boko Haram Kills Five Aid Workers in New Video

Boko Haram Kills Five Aid Workers in New Video

AREWA AGENDA – Boko Haram terrorists on Wednesday released a video showing the assassination of five humanitarian workers who were recently abducted along Monguno area of Borno state.

The insurgents had earlier demanded for about $500,000 ransom before the abducted workers could be released.

In the video released on Wednesday, the abducted humanitarian workers were all executed.

The insurgents left a message in the video before executing the workers.

The message reads: “We are sending this as a very strong message to you unbelievers and infidels.

“And to those of you that are being used by these infidels to repent.

“You are working for them but they do not have any concern about you.

“You worked for them to achieve their goals but they are very far from your plight.
They do not show you any care. Look at you now.

“When we kidnap you they don’t care.

“They show no concern.”

It is gathered that the Humanitarian aids lost their lives when the dreaded group could not get the demanded $500,000 ransom.

Recall that the Centre for Social Justice, Equity and Transparency (CESJET) called on the United Nations to change its approach to the Boko Haram terrorism and announce sanctions against organizations and countries promoting and sponsoring the group.

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