Bida Emirate Disciplinary Committee and Matters Arising

Bida Emirate Disciplinary Committee and Matters Arising

The Bida Emirate Disciplinary Committee was established by HRH, Alhaji (Dr) Yahaya Abubakar Etsu Nupe and the Chairman Niger State Council of Traditional Rulers. It is aimed at checkmating illicit activities of young people who often disrupt social order and peace.

The committee is headed by Pharm Yahaya Aliyu Maiyaki, the Maiyakin Nupe and with his lieutenants poised at addressing social ills in the land.

Prior to this initiative, young people of the community disrupts activities of residents of the community with open consumption of illegal drugs including indian hemps, alcohol consumption, rape and harassments, phone snatching and other dangerous escapades.

Group fighting between one area and another was also common, which led to violent inter-group attacks involving dangerous weapons like knives, cutlasses, chains, sticks and bottles among others.

However, upon the inception of the Disciplinary Committee, a rapid reduction in the rate of crime and criminality in the community was witnessed. Sanity from the unbearable attitudes of young people was witnessed and . Community members, especially stakeholders, were happy with the new disciplinary measures introduced.

However, Nupe Center as a research organization agrees that the Bida Emirate Disciplinary Committee is doing well, but there are some issues that need the organization’s urgent attention and remedy.

Understandably, the Committee has a good relationship with the security agencies, individuals and registered organizations in the society to enable them work hand in hand in tackling community vices, but the manner of operation and synergy is not encouraging.

Their overzealous actions open another window of violence, some cases they try to handle are beyond their capacity.

People are now complaining about the Committee and even trying to gang up against them which is not fair, compared with the service they performed. Why? Is it because of their attitudes!

The need to orient the committee and its allies particularly on the areas of establishing peace and security is now imminent. There should be frequent orientation and sensitization to members of the Committee, more preferably knowledge about disciplinary measures to be taken serious in order to get best results from them.

People in the community who have committed crimes and found wanting, should make plans to give these people skills acquisition at the end of the day. This will stop and prevent people from committing crimes again.

While additional strategies should be deployed to develop the committee, knowledgeable, capable and skillful hands should be encouraged to join the team for a robust sustainable system.

The government needs to strengthen this Committee in order to meet up with security challenges in the country, have this type of disciplinary organization and insecurity will be a thing of the past in the history of this great nation.

Nuhu Mohammed
Nupe Center



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