Fa’izu Alfindiki and Kano Municipal Chairmanship.

By:Mukhtar Dauda Raula.

The bashful man who once sways the gavel as the Senior Special Assistant to Kano State Governor on Information and later Special Adviser to Governor on Public Affairs cum incumbent Kano Municipal Local Government chairman is one of the youngest, charismatic and most cosmopolitan politicians from Kano municipal and the entire state by extension.

Life has a way of making a joke of the plan that we devise for ourselves. Only in the rear-view mirror can we see how choices and chances paved the way we could never have imagined. It is therefore instructive to recall that Fa’izu’s rise into prominence was not one that anyone, starting with himself would have foreseen.

Love or loathe him, Hon.Fa’izu Alfindiki today is a factor in Kano Municipal’s political circle. His assets includes, his public presence, his coolness under pressure, firm believe about unity of Kano municipal, remarkable negotiating skills and his ability to get a YES. All those who knew and work close to him will attest to the fact that politics and leadership were woven into his DNA.

Something that is notable was how he resigned as Special Adviser on public affairs to Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje and emerged as APC flag bearer and won the seat of Kano municipal chairman, all are testimony that he knows when, how and where to toos his hat in knotty political moments.

His greatest political ordeal was when he became the APC flag-bearer for Kano municipal chairmanship and member representing Kano municipal at the green chamber and some politicians who wanted to humiliate and cut-down his mounting political career which they consider a threat to them, challenged his candidature. Though that intended assault failed.

There were misgiving on all sides,in and outside the APC by those who think Fa’izu Alfindiki committed political suicide by separating ways with them and waiting his burial politically. Alas, the maestro politician prove them wrong and went ahead to win the election.

His discipline and maturity, his refusal to be cowed by anyone’s bluster, have continued to energize his democratic base, political alliance and leadership credentials.

It is irrefutable fact that, Kano Municipal is improving significantly in economic revival due to his understanding of the local government’s complex needs and opportunities. In addition to his advantage in leadership capacity is his good heart and hard head.

Kano youth are lucky and opportune to weld’s Alfindiki’s lofty ambitions to pragmatic politics. Kano Municipal under his leadership cut the growing power of pockets of special interest which so often conceal their self-serving agendas behind a fecade of fist-in-the-air patriotism and unfulfilling promises.

He has continue to be a great asset to the youth in Kano and opening the door for youth to fully participate in politics and leadership which is helping in lowering the level of political thuggery, transfer of knowledge and unemployment.

Fa’izu Alfindiki’s coming into power as Kano Municipal Council chairman, there is significant impact recorded in area of education, health, youth and women empowerment and infrastructural development of the local government with meagre amount of resources of which, part of it is channel to dept servicing due liability his administration inherited.

I believe he can go beyond a local government Chairman by aspiring for the state’s top job as one of the high flying and significant politician who has generated magnitude of attention and spotted commentaries in the state that should be hearten.

Mukhtar Dauda Raula,
SSA to the Executive Chairman Of Kano Municipal on Youth Mobilization.


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